Here’s How 30 Baby Birds Look Compared To Their Adult Versions

Published 5 years ago

Most of us have probably seen baby chickens or ducks before but what about other baby birds? We’re used to them just sort of being there in their adult form without really giving too much thought about how their babies look. And maybe there’s a reason for that.

Turns out baby birds look almost nothing like their adult versions. Quite the opposite, in fact – until they fully grow out their feathers, they look like shabby, oddly proportioned “ugly ducklings” that you couldn’t even tell are related to the adult birds. Luckily, that phase passes rather quickly and soon enough we get blessed with the majestic grown-up birds we know so well. Check out the amazing bird glow-ups in the gallery below!

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#1 Cardinal

Image source: pixabay

#2 Peacock

Image source: piqsels

#3 Tuffted Puffin

Image source: wikipedia

#4 Barn Owl

#5 Chicken

Image source: pxhere

#6 Toco Toucan

Image source: Wikimedia

#7 Goffin’s Cockatoo

Image source: robandstephanielevy

#8 Grey Crowned Crane

Image source: goodfreephotos

#9 Peregrine Falcon

Image source: Patrick Cashin

#10 Chaffinch

Image source: maxpixels

#11 Hummingbird

Image source: Wikimedia

#12 Pileated Woodpecker

Image source: theowlshowofficial

#13 House Martin

Image source: milkyfactory

#14 Ostrich

Image source: pixabay

#15 Golden Pheasant

Image source: needpix

#16 Bleeding-Heart Pidgoen

Image source: wikimedia

#17 Grey Headed Albatross

Image source: wikimedia

#18 Gannet

Image source: flickr

#19 Tit

Image source: wikimedia

#20 Raven

Image source: wikipedia

#21 Night Heron

Image source: taylar

#22 Mallard Duck

Image source: pixabay

#23 Mississippi Kite

Image source: Andy Reago

#24 Pigeon

Image source: leena

#25 Swan

Image source: Chris Isherwood

#26 Gentoo Penguin

Image source: wikimedia

#27 Bald Eagle

Image source: wikipedia

#28 Turkey

Image source: wikimedia

#29 White Tern

Image source: goodfreephotos

#30 Flamingo

Image source: Pixabay

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