30 Times Bird Photography Didn’t Go As Expected And Turned Out To Be Funny Instead, As Shared By This Facebook Group

Published 2 years ago

One of the most popular genres that come under nature photography is “bird photography”. It is popular for obvious reasons– birds are magnificent creatures and are found everywhere around the world.

Although bird photography may seem amazing, it comes with its own challenges. Most birds move a lot which makes it difficult to capture them in photographs. There are other photography struggles that come along when one decides to shoot birds. The Facebook group “Crap Bird Photography” shares bad and funny pictures of birds proving that bird photography is not a piece of cake. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 I Got Photo Bombed By An Emu Sticking Her Head Up Just As I Was About To Take A Pic Of The Pretty Peacock Showing Off

Image source: Carolyn Caz Anderson

#2 I Attempted To Take A Photo Of The Swan, Entering The Water Gracefully And Elegantly. Didn’t Quite Go To Plan

Image source: Christine Montgomery

#3 Swan… Confused Pigeon

Image source: Stacey Ooms

#4 New Phone, Been Taken Panoramic Landscapes Then This Chap Came Along And Forgot To Switch Modes

Image source: Dean Webber

#5 It Can Be Extremely Difficult To Capture The Beauty And Elegance With Which An Osprey Takes Off. So Glad I Was Able To Nail It

Image source: Nicole Wilde

#6 Perfect

Image source: Dan Ross

#7 Too Fast To Focus Too Close For Comfort

Image source: Liz Wilks

#8 Saw A Bald Eagle, Took Picture. Too Bright To See Phone Screen, Upon Review Camera Was In Selfie Mode

Image source: Kent Smith

#9 Pssst… Hey You… I See You

Image source: Muneer Al Shanti

#10 Bad Feather Day

Image source: Robina Jane Gugler

#11 Every Day, You And Your Camera, Can’t I Get Any Peace!!!

Image source: Beverly Baker

#12 Accidentally Took This Today, Pretty Chuffed With How It Turned Out. Happy To See Me

Image source: Amelia Kennett

#13 Welcome, Drone! We Eat Your Kind, Here

Image source: Betty Bambang Zydeco

#14 The Important Thing To Remember In This Photo Is That I Am A Photography Teacher

Image source: Sarah Whitney

#15 Sometimes When You Snap A Shot As You Think They Are About To Take Flight This Is What You Get. Big Ole Poo Bubble

Image source: Ron Kemp

#16 He’s Fine, Just Likes Lying In Weird Poses In Our Garden

Image source: Andrea Higgins

#17 Tried To Take A Picture Of The Great Egret That Appeared Next To My Car

Image source: Trecia Ogletree

#18 Pelican…but It Sort Of Gulped At The Wrong (Right?) Time

Image source: Paul Summers

#19 How Long Do Worms Grow

Image source: Colina Marr

#20 Love A Good Sunset Photo

Image source: Jace Mitchell Spicer

#21 Pulled The Car Over To Take A Look At The Bald Eagle. But It Was A Crow With A Slice Of White Bread

Image source: Cecilia Girvin

#22 We Told You To Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Image source: Alison Smith

#23 Not Sure If This Osprey Was Sneezing Or If It Was Possessed. Either Way, Not A Good Look

Image source: Mike Clarke

#24 Picasso Couldn’t Do Better

Image source: Cryssee Fernandez

#25 Can’t Decide If This Is The Most Amazing Photo I’ve Ever Gotten Or Wha

Image source: Jacob McElligott

#26 When Lunch Ruins Your Portrait

Image source: Jay Cline

#27 Proof That Birds Have Teeth

Image source: Karen Lukert

#28 Had To Fix What I Missed

Image source: Alma Drain

#29 You Hum It And I’ll Play It

Image source: Gaye Batiz

#30 I Meant To Get A Nice Close Up Of My Happy Duck’s Face. I Hit The Macro Setting On Accident. So If You Ever Wanted To Look Up A Duck’s Nose Today Is Your Chance!

Image source: Candice Uebrick

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