30 Australians Who Dressed Up In Ridiculous Outfits When Taking Out The Trash

Published 4 years ago

When you’re stuck in quarantine, every little chance to go outside starts looking like a special occasion. And what do you do on special occasions? You dress up, of course.

Australians stuck in quarantine realized that the only chance they get to go outside these days is when they’re taking out the bins. This inspired Queensland resident Danielle Askew to challenge her friend to dress up in her fanciest clothes when taking them out. The result amused Danielle so much, she started a Facebook group called Bin isolation outing where people could submit their own attempts at this challenge. The group quickly went viral with over 366k members joining in just a little over a week and the photos people submit are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud – check them out in the gallery below!

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Image source: Jack Robert‎

So it’s bin a while since I’ve bin on an outting. Thought I would get glammed up for the Sunday sesh. Since my extremely homophobic neighbor was outside BBQing, I thought this would be wheely appropriate attire.


Image source: Gayle Franklin‎

So i took the bin out..didnt go so well. Told me I’m not not what he’s bin looking for. So I told him he was full of rubbish!


Image source: ‎Samantha Hansen‎

Mum (aka Carl) taking out the bins in Gympie


Image source: Elisa Mulvihill‎

Bin talking politics


Image source: ‎Denise Alison‎

Spotted our Maude Boate putting out her bin. Someone didn’t recycle properly


Image source: Siobhan Murphy‎

Cruella de Bin , who let the bins out !!!


Image source: ‎Imogen Jaylin‎

This was not my greatest life choice


Image source: Brodie Andrew Scantlebury‎

I have waited all week for this!!


Image source: Marshall Foster

Binasaraus Logan City, QLD


Image source: Cathy Dunbar‎

My parents have bin married for 50 years and celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversay today. Due to number restrictions, their renewal of vows was only witnessed by the Best Bin and Bin of Honour


Image source: Caleb Coulter‎


Image source: Rachel Fisher‎

Maleficent taking out the bins


Image source: Copelin Gehlsen‎

Even us superheroes have to take the bins out


Image source: ‎Julia Bills‎


Image source: Natalie Petty‎

Oh gosh this was so much fun. Haven’t laughed so hard in ages!


Image source: Roslyn Castellano‎

Putting the bin out before having an old friend for dinner


Image source: Hayley Long‎

You float too…….from Kilkivan, Qld


Image source: Emma Agius‎

So it turns out my disguise is ruined cause I forgot to remove my glasses ?


Image source:  ‎Jess Neville

Roy is all dressed up to take the bin out


Image source: Kristy Sleep‎

It’s bin a busy week. Many people wheelie not following the new COVID-19 rules.
Guess it’s time to take out the trash!


Image source:  ‎Angie Jayne‎

Not putting her bin out but drove past the Grand Lady Nola yesterday, waving at people who travelith pastith her kingdom in chilcotts grass NSW


Image source: Scott Newman


Image source: ‎Katrina Millar‎

Taking Trump out with the rubbish on a rainy day in Kellyville NSW


Image source: Rohan Scuzzy Smith‎

Can’t go riding…improvise


Image source: Shay Linton‎

Our little Lego taking the bin out!


Image source: Caz Porter


Image source: Matt Lucas‎


Image source: ‎Bianca Beaton‎

Seen…… Joe Exotic just taking the bin out. And watching out for Carole Baskin.


Image source: Martin Davies‎

bin-ger licking good


Image source: ‎Lisa McAtamney‎

Even superheroes have chores

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