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Couple Quits Their Jobs, Builds Tiny House On Wheels And Lives By Travel Blogging

Published 9 years ago

The American stereotype is that everything must be big – houses, burgers, cars, butts… But Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard dream tiny – they built themselves the tiniest house on wheels and are now touring the USA. Their dwelling looks like a real, immobile house, albeit one that is very tiny (and on wheels). There are 11 square meter of space inside,  as well as a 5 square meter loft. They have been on the road for five months now, visiting all of East Coast, and are now heading west. The (tiny) odometer already shows over 10,915 miles (that’s more than 17565 kilometers), and they will visit California and Alaska before it’s all over.

Of course, the most special thing about it all is the house. Built over more than 1000 hours (…not including research), and taking more than 6500 nails and 8000 screws, it’s a tiny giant effort of love. The whole thing costs more than $30,000 dollars, but so far,  it seems to be worth it. The pictures from B.B. BBQ ( Build, Beer, BBQ) events seem to be full of joy, and so are the pictures of various meetings with other fans of miniature houses. Life appears to be good, as the couple is able to support themselves (and their dog Sallie) from working on the internet: they document their journey on their website Tiny House Giant Journey and their YouTube channel.

Another thing about it is that this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the Tiny House Movement and people enthusiastic about the ideas. Not all of their houses are mobile, but all of them seem to be extremely happy. It is an interesting phenomenon and Guillaume and Jenna seem to be avid fans.

Plus, they make the best tiny puns on their website.

More info: | Facebook |Instagram | YouTube  (h/t: huffingtonpost)

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