Artist Turns Famous Logos Into Awesome Embroidered Art

Published 9 years ago

“You know what this sports brand needs? Flowery embroidery.” I image that’s the thought behind the sports brands by Bjork collaborator James Merry. He takes sweaters emblazoned with logos like Nike and Fila, and embroiders flowers, wines and mushrooms on then. It’s a quaint project, bringing natural and rustic joy of embroidery to a mass produced, urban brand.

Jame Merry met Bjork six years ago, and eventually moved to New York to work with her full time. The embroidery project came from that urban experience. “I guess it was some kind of silent protest of mine,” Merry said on an interview for Vice. “To take something that was super urban and machine-made and barren (my old Nike sweater), and fertilize it, forcing it to flower by embroidering a glacier flower and moss on it.”

More info: | facebook | instagram (h/t: juxtapoz)

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