Cleverly-Arranged Books That Look Like Portraits Of Famous People, Created By Jordi Prat Pons

Published 11 months ago

Jordi Prat Pons is a 57-year-old artist who is continuing to expand his creative boundaries with new ideas and visions. After 30 years of “painting with papers”, he decided to take up a new project. The artist started stacking up books to create huge portraits of famous people.

In an interview with DeMilked, Jordi revealed, “I thought that at a certain age ideas dwindled, I’m the complete opposite. I have more ideas than ever and I’m in full creative process and I’m trying to be able to do them all. The installations with books have given me more visibility and I want them to give me a little boost to have greater stability at work.”

According to the artist, the idea of book portraits was inspired by a wall made of books and plaster in a Hotel in Barcelona. He explained, “I liked it but I quickly saw the possibilities that the colors of the books had.”

Check out the wonderful portraits of Martin Luther King, Vincent Van Gogh, and David by Michelangelo created by Jordi. And guess what he is making next?

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#1 Martin Luther King

Image source: Jordi Prat Pons

Talking about his creative process, Jordi said, “The way to work is to put the spines of the books on top of each other, if necessary they are cut, but they must be placed so that they do not fall. Every half meter there is a shelf attached to the wall and thus the weight is divided.”

Image source: Jordi Prat Pons

“I have the feeling of prolonging the life of books, books that were destined for the trash and I have rescued them, books are culture and I try to make culture with culture. at the moment I have more than 20,000 books,” he added.

#2 Vicent Van Gogh

Image source: Jordi Prat Pons

The artist also mentioned, “To make “Letters to Vincent” it took me 10 months, I stopped a couple of times because since it was the first time I made an installation like this I had to consult technically how I could do it, trial and error made me extend the time to do it.”

Image source: Jordi Prat Pons

#3 David By Michelangelo

Image source: Jordi Prat Pons

Image source: Jordi Prat Pons

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