Disastrous Scenarios Depicted On Traditional Blue Porcelain Dinner Plates

Published 10 years ago

The tradition of decorating white porcelain dishware with intricate blue patterns is centuries old, so you’d assume there’s nothing new to be discovered in this classical craft. However, in Pittsburgh-based graphic designer Don Moyer’s “Calamityware” series, he manages to do something new by using porcelain plates as canvases for his fantasies about hypothetical catastrophic scenarios and the end of the world.

The plates look absurd and trust-worthy at the same time. When you look from afar, the blue patterned porcelain plates look traditional and painfully ordinary. Yet the crazy, futuristic, and fantastic scenarios come to life when you look from up close. “Too many plates have been too boring for too long,” protests Moyer, wittily encouraging us to “mock tradition”.

You can find a couple of Moyer’s plates available on his official shop and he’s launched a new one recently with a reasonably successful Kickstarter campaign.

More Info: WebsiteTwitter | FlickrKickstarter (h/t: thisiscolossal)

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