Woman Documents Every Stage Of Her Mastectomy With Creative Photos

Published 9 years ago

Mastectomy is horrible, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a creative angle to look at it. Aniela McGuinness did just that with her My Breast Choice photo series. She staged pictures for her various stages of breast cancer. She posed as a topless Rosie the Riveter to have a memorial picture of her breasts before the operation. Then McGuinness did a shoot dressed like the bride of Frankenstein a week after the operation. In all, she took four pictures dedicated to the various stages of healing,

Aniela McGuinness is a 32-year-old actress from Hollywood, Florida, who discovered she had breast cancer three days before scheduling her own preventative mastectomy. Having seen her mother die from breast cancer, she didn’t want to take the risk. McGuiness writes that the photo series, the website, and Youtube series helped explore “the impact Breast Cancer, a double mastectomy, and chemo can have on a woman’s body & soul and uses humor & honesty to go beyond just surviving. Mainly, I needed something to focus on while I went through this, a place to release my creativity and feel useful. My Breast Choice gave me that.”

More info: mybreastchoiceshow.com | facebookinstagram (h/t: cosmo)

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Aniela McGuinness was diagnosed with breast cancer just as she was about to schedule preventative mastectomy


Aniela McGuinness took her first picture to have a reminder of her breasts


The uncensored photo is available on McGuinness’ website

The Bride Of Frankenstein picture was taken after mastectomy and a week before Halloween


She didn’t let cancer interfere with her social life


McGuinness felt plastic while having her expanders in and her hair had not yet regrown, that’s why she went for the Mannequin shoot


Aniela says she had too much fun without nipples, so she went without reconstructive surgery



One of the five reasons why McGuinness likes her mastectomy is that her breasts are now puppets:


Aniela McGuinness Talks About Her Photo Series:

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