Photos Of Brave Cancer Survivors Who Live Without Breasts

Published 9 years ago

Breast cancer takes away breasts and leaves scars. And Flattopper Pride is all about bearing the scars with pride. Emily Jensen, Jodi Jaecks and Melanie Testa are headlining this LGBTQ support blog for women with double mastectomies. For 58% of women choose who don’t seek breast reconstruction or prosthetics after the operations, “going flat” is a new, exciting part of exploring their gender.

The ladies modeled for Play Out Underwear. “Underwear for that breaks the stereotype – not too pink, not too girly. Just cool, comfortable, sexy and fun – like you!” is the company slogan, and the flattopers are perfect for that role.

Emily Jensen is shrewd in spreading her message. As she writes on the project website, “I acknowledge that the images you see here are utilized as a means of garnering the largest possible audience through eliciting affective response; there is nothing that I can say that will hit you in the gut the way the raw images in these pictures can.

More info: flattopperpride.orgFacebook | (h/t: sobadsogood)

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