Breast Cancer Survivors Model Stylish Single-Breasted Swimming Suits

Published 10 years ago

A social art project called “Monokini 2.0” gathered designers and models to promote a different perspective on beauty and fashion with a series of bathing suits made for and modeled by by breast cancer survivors. These daring and super-stylish bathing suits are for single-breasted women who won the battle against breast cancer at the cost of a mastectomy.

The bathing suits were not designed to hide the absence of one or both breasts, though. On the contrary, the aim is to expose the area and the scar as something that the cancer survivor should be proud of, or at least feel comfortable with, rather than be ashamed of.

We strive to expand what is accepted and considered beautiful by designing a swimwear collection for women who have gone through breast cancer,” writes the Monokini team. “The fact is that many women who have had one breast removed due to breast cancer don’t wish to have breast reconstruction surgery, they wish to continue their lives with one or no breast at all.

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Virve – design by T. Therman

“It was an amazing experience to be part of a project as great as this. I hope my participation gives strength and courage to my sisters in same situation. Living with one breast can be amazing!”

Elina – design by E. Halttunen

“I do not want to hide, I do not want to stop swimming, I do not want to undergo extensive plastic surgery operations, and I do not want to be forced to use the uncomfortable prosthesis on the beach. I want to feel as free and active as I did before my cancer, and Monokini 2.0 gives me a chance to do exactly that.”

Reetta – design by V. Riitijoki

“This is absolutely the most remarkable project that I’ve ever seen, heard, or been part of; considering that there is no need to see women with mastectomy as sad persons. It shows that project has achieved maybe even more that it originally was planned. Happy and proud to be part of it, a big thank you!”

Sirpa – design by T. Ämmät

“On my long and sometimes tough journey with breast cancer, Monokini 2.0 project has been an amazing experience. I hope that my picture will give strength, belief and courage to the women gone through mastectomy: womanhood is not about all breasts (or not having them). I hope that within this project the discussion of these matters will become easier and more natural.”

Camilla – design by T. Rissanen

Marjaana – design by S. Kauppi

“Cancer has drilled holes to my bones and taken away my breast, that’s all. I don’t let it in my mind to steal all the precious things in me. I’ve heard from many people “you are so brave”, but with you, first time, I really felt like it. ‘To indefinite and beyond’.”

Katja – design by M. Otsamo

Kristiina – design by O. Pyy

“I am so happy and proud that I can be part of this important and amazing project. Thank you!”

Solja – design by KAKSITVÅ

Milsse – design by T. Ämmät

“Being part of this project has been very empowering and I thank you for that! I hope that through these pictures everyone can find strength, courage and certitude to endorse her/him self. Everyone is perfect exactly as they are!”

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