Cat Lovers Will Love These Purrfectly Hilarious Tweets

Published 1 year ago

As an animal lover, I have to admit that cats are an interesting pet that brings to mind Frank Sinatra’s famous words, “I did it… My way…” That’s what the cats are singing at least.

As a creature that may very well have domesticated itself, these particular animals are highly intelligent and scurrilously devious when the need arises. Legend has it they just showed up around civilizations one day, basically just surveilled humans for a while and then proceeded to adopt their respective chosen purrson way back when.

So of course, these bundles of floofs-with-claws are vessels of never-ending entertainment too. We’ve collected some of the funniest and wittiest experiences narrated by cat owners in tweet-form and compiled them below for all the cat-a-holics out there.

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Image source: faera_lane


Image source: Sir_Mdee


Image source: choo_ek


Image source: SherlockyTweet


Image source: LVGHST


Image source: weirdlilguys


Image source: weirdlilguys


Image source: ellle_em


Image source: premeesaurus


Image source: alxjasper


Image source: chaoticcatpics


Image source: TranslatedCats


Image source: mattafaak


Image source: ayydubs


Image source: ec_outdated


Image source: CATBRAINCELL


Image source: PaulKissack


Image source: A_Zedig_Diboine


Image source: kloogans


Image source: kl_coop


Image source: jeremy_gibbs


Image source: I_make_music


Image source: AlainaLucius


Image source: WholesomeMeme


Image source: Cats_Culture


Image source: e_davishale


Image source: ItsLumberzack


Image source: gatinarios


Image source: adamgreattweet


Image source: LoloFennec

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