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20 Celebrities Who Won Halloween 2021

Published 2 years ago

This Halloween, we saw that some people got quite creative with their Halloween costumes. And so did Hollywood celebrities! They surely know how to stay in the limelight and Halloween has always proved as a great occasion to impress their fans. Celebs are known for rocking interesting costumes on Halloween, but his year, some of them have truly outdone themselves.

Many popular personalities took part in the Halloween celebrations this year and they all sported great outfits. However, some of them stood out the most, and we have gathered all those photos for you. From Cardi B dressed up as ‘Morticia Addams’ to Ariana Grande dressed as ‘The Creature’, scroll below to see 20 amazing costumes worn by celebrities this year.

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#1 Harry Styles As Dorothy From The Wizard Of Oz

Image source: harrystyles

#2 Doja Cat As Ms. Bellum From The Power Puff Girls

Image source: dojacat / blaircaldwell

#3 Lizzo As Baby Yoda, Aka Grogu, From The Mandalorian

Image source: lizzobeeating

#4 Ariana Grande As The Creature From Creature From The Black Lagoon

Image source: arianagrande

#5 Cardi B As Morticia Addams

Image source: iamcardib

#6 Lisa From Blackpink As The Doll From Squid Game

Image source: lalalalisa_m

#7 Madonna As Harley Quinn

Image source: madonna

#8 Bebe Rexha As Anna Nicole Smith

Image source: beberexha

#9 Trevor Noah As The Weeknd

Image source: trevornoah

#10 Janelle Monáe As The Grinch

Image source: janellemonae

#11 Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom As A Covid Vaccine And Dr. Dilf

Image source: katyperry

#12 Alessia Cara As Amy Winehouse

Image source: alessiasmusic

#13 Hailey Bieber As Britney Spears

Image source: haileybieber

#14 Lebron James As Freddy Krueger

Image source: kingjames

#15 Kendall Jenner As The Martian Girl From Mars Attacks

Image source: kendalljenner

#16 Taylor Swift As A Squirrel

Image source: taylorswift

#17 Shawn Mendes As A Dead Mariarchi (Feat. Camilla Cabello)

Image source: shawnmendes

#18 Saweetie As Halle Berry’s Catwoman

Image source: saweetie

#19 Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner As Paolo And Isabella From The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

Image source: joejonas

#20 Winnie Harlow As Cheetara From Thunder Cats

Image source: winnieharlow

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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