Powerful Billboard In South Korea Lets You Step In And Prevent Child Abuse

Published 10 years ago

This interactive social ad on a sidewalk in South Korea is hard to pass by and ignore with a clear conscience. The billboard shows the silhouettes of an adult man and a child that he’s threatening with a bottle in his hand. And there’s an empty space between the two big enough for the passersby to step up and see their own silhouette appear in the scene (thanks to a nearby light), giving them a symbolic nudge to step in and prevent or report real-life incidents of child abuse.

The text on the top of the ad says: “Child abuse, you can prevent it.” When a passer-by decides to step into the scene, a superhero-like logo appears on his or her shadow with an emergency number (112) and this message: “Report to become a hero for children.

(h/t: twentytwowords, hatbeat)

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