Idiot Box: Portraits Of Children Enslaved By TV

Published 9 years ago

Children like television, but do they like it too much? Donna Stevens’ photo series Idiot Box is all about questioning the effects of TV. “Idiot box” is a derogatory term used to describe TV in general, due it’s supposedly mind-numbing qualities. And children are especially attracted to it: kid’s programming provides fast-paced action and colors and all the fantastical characters they could want. The argument is that children watch TV for too long instead of socializing, playing outside, or learning.

Donna Stevens is an Australian born artist currently living in New York. “Mostly in revolt against her years as a commercial artist, where she created images that offered up a false promise of perfection; her work now endeavours to explore the realities of life,” states her website. Steven’s fascinated by the imperfections of humanity and explores its struggles in her photography.

More info: | instagram (h/t: petapixel)

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