35 Cool And Genius Designs That Might Blow Your Mind

Published 7 months ago

What makes a design stand out? Is it eye-catching packaging, a product that simplifies our lives, a structure that harmonizes with nature, or a design that balances sustainability and practicality? It could be a combination of these factors.

Discover a collection of examples that embody these qualities in design. The subreddit r/GoodDesign is dedicated to those who appreciate visually pleasing and thoughtfully executed designs. Explore innovative designs that prove products and packaging can be both practical and beautiful at the same time.

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#1 This Should Be The Standard

Image source: AschoffTheTop

#2 This Toilet Paper With A Mini Roll Of Toilet Paper Inside Instead Of An Hollow Cardboard Roll!

Image source: Dearisneth

#3 My Puzzle Came With A Stand For The Box

Image source: Tushar–

#4 Really Appreciated The Removable Sticker Brand Name For A Reusable Canister

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Clever!

Image source: cvalda27

#6 (X-Post) “The Middle Snap On My Baby’s Onesie Is A Different Color To Help Align The Buttons.”

Image source: CustomerComplaintDep

#7 This Pasta Packaging

Image source: HiMiru

#8 Love That!

Image source: cvalda27

#9 This Chair In The Food Court Of A Mall Has A Notch Cut Out For Your Bags

Image source: ursois

#10 You Only Can See This At Night

Image source: MaskedWiseman

#11 The Tiger Face On My Bag Of Nuts Spells Out Tiger Nuts

Image source: FiggyTheNewton

#12 The Tear Offs On This Poster For Domestic Abuse Have The Phone Number Disguised As A Bar Code

Image source: EuCleo

#13 These Public Benches Are Reversible, So You Can Choose To Look At People, Or Boats

Image source: phut-

#14 Love The Design For The Spine Of These Books

Image source: Literallyasieve

#15 Crosswalk Projected On A Dirty Winter Road

Image source: OGPhlapjax

#16 Incorporating A Wheelchair Ramp Into Stairway Design

Image source: mellowmonk

#17 Never Crane My Neck Again!

Image source: deepmindfulness

#18 These Shoes Are Pretty Neat!

Image source: -FranceIsBeerCan

#19 Decathlon Now Sews The Labels Onto Small Scraps Of Fabric Instead Of The Actual Clothing Item, So It’s Easier To Cut Them And They Don’t Leave Any Itchy Residue Behind

Image source: TheFfrog

#20 This Is A 1954 Camper With A Boat As Its Top

Image source: Interesting-Current

#21 The “One A Day Banana” Pack, Containing Several Bananas Of Different Ripeness So That You Can Eat Them Over Several Days. (Korea)

Image source: milieux

#22 Tesla Cars Have A Feature That Lets Bystanders Know That The Car Is Air-Conditioned And The Pen Inside Is Safe

Image source: arigon1

#23 Shades By Design Logo Is Correct When Read Up And Down And When Read Left To Right!

Image source: YaBoiLox

#24 Cool

Image source: PixelDonkey2275

#25 My 3 Tacos Came In A Container That Was Made To Hold 3 Tacos Upright ?

Image source: auguestalfieri

#26 I Possibly Found The Best Ever Pencils. After Using Them You Can Plant Them In The Soil And Then A Sapling Will Grow From The Green Bottom!

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Someone Requested A Pop-Up Sloth Hook

Image source: clide

#28 My Shirt Has A Cloth For Cleaning Glasses Sewn Into It

Image source: whynotboth_

#29 My Empanada Says What Meat Is Inside

Image source: MartyRacer

#30 4 Handles So That More People Can Hold It + These The Handles Don’t Connect To The Floor So That The Floor Can Be Cleaned Easily

Image source: savvy707

#31 Where Are These When I Forget My Sunglasses. They Put Rails Under The Benches In This Park So You Can Always Be In The Shadow

Image source: jadedcloud

#32 This Is Exactly What Makes Good Design! Oklahoma Manhole Covers Have A City Map On It With A White Dot Showing Where In The City You Are

Image source: deepmindfulness

#33 This Remote Has A Headphone Plug In It To Listen To TV Quietly

Image source: pintong

#34 This Pill Can Be Split Into 5mg Doses Or 7.5mg Doses Depending On Which Side You Break It

Image source: Vennom

#35 A Drum Pedal Was Repurposed To Provide A Zero-Contact Hand Sanitizer Station

Image source: ilikecarz2much

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