30 Posts Showing The Ignorant And Clueless Americans Embarrassing Themselves

Published 2 years ago

Many of us don’t know about lots of things happening around the world and we sometimes embarrass ourselves due to ignorance. A few Americans, however, are so confident even with their cluelessness that they are often found arguing online about things that they have no idea about.

A Reddit community named “S***AmericansSay” collects funny and cringy screenshots of such examples that are spotted anywhere on social media. Scroll below to see some of the most hilarious comments, arguments, and conversations by some clueless Americans.

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#1 Getting A Tattoo Of Your Ancestry.com Results

Image source: SideshowLuc

#2 Rest Of The World Didn’t Become Free Till We Reformed Half The World In Our Image

Image source: swoglicious

#3 This Is America

Image source: stoatic

#4 “Europe Is Ok Regarding Medicine, A Middle Income Life But Is Mostly Like A Third World Country”

Image source: –Imposter–

#5 Would Be Cool If It Worked In 12 Hour

Image source: _TescoMealDeal

#6 English

#7 Observing Of The Columbus Day

Image source: DaniellaSantina

#8 “If You Are White You Cant Speak Spanish”

Image source: NotThe–FBI

#9 Americans Would Never Do This

Image source: CaptainEasypants

#10 “Can Anybody Tell Me If Portugal Has Running Water Like In The States?”

Image source: Tiltedchewie

#11 Hopefully This Hasn’t Been Shared Before

Image source: Ciddimwena

#12 “Your Little European Sport Where You Kick A Ball With Your Foot Is Called ‘Soccer’”

Image source: stellar6388

#13 Only Because Americans Pay For The Healthcare Of Europe

Image source: Penumris

#14 Pronounced Like Rifle

Image source: loves_spain

#15 What Month Is 21?

Image source: _-REDACTED-_-

#16 Yes, English Comes From America

Image source: Dragonfly_Tall

#17 “99% Of The World Uses Metric System. The Othe 1% Went To The Moon. Lets Hear It For Freedom Units Eh”

Image source: GamerOf22

#18 Norwegian Flag Taken Down

Image source: Rcorral2108

#19 On Dates

#20 If Vaccines Are Free, Why Isn’t Insulin And Chemo?

Image source: b1tchlasagna

#21 Will Europeans Be Suprised About My Mixed Heritage?

Image source: moistbagofdicks

#22 I Hate When People Say Americans Dont Learn World History. Why Would We

Image source: Ungentleman

#23 “Democracy Is An Illusion”

Image source: tdgraham123

#24 One Day You All Are Going To Look Back On The Day When America Was In Charge As The Good Old Days When You Were Prosperous Free And Happy

Image source: end_my_suffer1ng-

#25 “I’m Norwegian (Not From There But Grandpa Is)

Image source: DogsReadingBooks

#26 But People In Denmark Don’t Get To Experience The Privilege Of Living In The Oldest And Greatest Country In The World (USA)

Image source: woodhead2011

#27 English Please, Reddit Is An American Website (German Subreddit Btw)

Image source: MaxxPlay99

#28 The Lack Of Freedom, Firearms And Muslim Immigrants

Image source: GandalfTheGimp

#29 “The USA Is The Only Country In The World With True Freedom” “What Do You Mean? We Are Also Free In France” “Really? “

Image source: Maximum_Equivalent_9

#30 A Wisconsin School District Says Students Can “Become Spoiled” With Free Meals And Opts Out Of Biden’s Free-Lunch Program

Image source: Angelix

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