For The Last 7 Years, This Artist Has Been Drawing Comics For His Girlfriend Every Day (NSFW)

Published 5 years ago

Pete Duffield is a UK-based artist and the creator of the Kellie and Pete comic series. In his comics, the artist illustrates his daily life with his girlfriend Kellie and their daughter Poppy. Pete says he has been creating them every day since he met Kellie 7 years ago.

“3 years ago Kellie gave birth to our Daughter, Poppy, and now more than ever these comics are a way for me to capture the precious moments I spend with them both,” says the Pete. So far the comics gathered the artist over 109k followers on Instagram. Check out the comics in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t: Bored Panda

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Poppy was skipping along clutching a little Easter snow globe thing that we’d bought her that she was so happy with. It wasn’t long before in her excitement she accidentally dropped it, and it instantly smashed on the pavement. She was devastated and stood in the street sobbing. As I was comforting her the sweetest girl came up to us and said she’d witnessed the scene and that it melted her heart seeing how sad Poppy looked. She bought her a cupcake to cheer her up! It’s the kind of thing that restores your faith in humanity. Thank you, kind stranger.


Every so often Kellie will announce it’s ‘Girls’ Night’ and she treats me to a facepack and manicure. I possibly love it way more than I should.


Something touching but poignant Kellie said to me last night. Neither of us had good relationships with our fathers, in fact, they were almost entirely absent from our lives. I grew up determined to try to be the Dad I never had.


Poppy loves bus journeys. She happily sings away as it drives along.


I’ve had a nasty bout of flu over the last week and felt dreadful. Poppy missed me when I was in bed for a few days, so she started climbing onto the bed, tucking into me, and watching Netflix with me while I laid there exhausted. It was so cute the way she just wanted to be close to me.


Poppy is still obsessed with Kellie’s boobs. Cuddles always turn into Booby Cuddles. I’m quite partial to getting involved too.


In the mornings when I leave for work Poppy will excitedly announce ‘I want to say goodbye on the doorstep!’ She follows me to the door, where she gives me the most tender little hug you can imagine.


When Kellie wants my attention she might do something silly, like last night in bed when she pretended to powerfully ejaculate in me…


Whenever I’m playing on the floor with Poppy and have to leave to go to work or do chores, Poppy holds my hand, looks at me with big sad eyes, and tells me she wants to ‘keep me’. It melts my heart.


Yesterday was Poppy’s first day at nursery! Such a mix of emotions when we dropped her off. I wanted to stay and play with all the toys with her.


The time I got out of the shower and power-catwalked into the room toward Kellie, maintaining eye contact.


When you’ve had a bad day/week at work or you’re stressed or worried, the magical healing properties of the humble spoon heals all.


Having a young child is like having a window into your own childhood. You get another chance to do things you’d long since forgotten about – like avoiding the cracks in the pavement.


Something Poppy said this week. She must’ve heard me say it to Kellie, she’s like a tiny mirror these days, imitating things we both say and do.


Kellie is always so eager for Cat to sit on her lap. Cat always chooses Daddy.


I’m a hopeless romantic.


Poppy does this hilarious little monkey dance which perfectly compliments my gangly camp toe-tapping and Kellie’s shoulder-popping sideways crab shuffle.


Kellie is rubbish at winking…


Poppy’s behavior has been challenging for the last couple of weeks. Partly because she’s a bit under the weather, but also because she’s a willful, spirited little madam.


Occasionally (more often than normal, perhaps) I’ll burst into the room singing ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis, accompanied by ludicrous dancing. Kellie appears to be desensitized to such things now.


One morning when Kellie was getting ready this happened. Next thing you know Poppy is making rocket noises and excitedly pretending to fly around the bedroom…


It’s not happening.


Kellie is visiting her Mum this week so we’ve been keeping in touch on FaceTime. We always seem to end up spending most of the call pulling variations of The Old Dog Face at each other.


I was drawing at the table when Poppy climbed up on a chair, peered over and said ‘what’s going on, Dad?’ – it was the first time she’d ever said it and it was so funny and adorable that I just had to stop and give her a huge cuddle.


I’ve had a sore shoulder this week, so last night I asked Kellie if she’d give it a massage. This is what happened next, word for word…


At the supermarket, while Kellie is shopping like an adult, Pops and me will get our own trolley and race around the supermarket pretending we’re flying a rocket that needs regular top-ups with petrol (complete with exaggerated ‘glug, glug, glug’ sounds as I pretend-pour it into the side of the trolley). Pops can’t get enough of it.


Summer or winter, Kellie gets ludicrously hot when she’s sleeping. It’s like sharing a bed with a human-sized hot water bottle.


Kellie does this annoying thing at bedtime where she’ll suddenly flail her legs in the air to wrap the covers around her – exposing my feet to the cold air. She looks like a fallen horse while she’s doing it.


We were walking home, and as the sun was setting Poppy noticed with such fascination how our shadows appeared longer in the low light.


Every time Kellie or I have the slightest little pain we instantly freak out and assume it’s something serious.

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