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This Artist Makes Hilarious Comics About Her Life With Her Boyfriend And They’re Just Too Relatable

Published 11 months ago

Sasha Tsoy is a freelance designer and illustrator from Kazakhstan with a rather interesting story. Even though she was born in Kazakhstan, she is only 25% Kazakh – she also is  50% Ukranian and 25% Korean and speaks Russian as her mother tongue. She finished high school and university in the UK, where she met her half Colombian, half Irish boyfriend who was born and raised in London.

Sasha’s comics feature her and her boyfriend’s various daily adventures. The artist speaks three different languages and wants her comics to reach as many people as possible so she post comics translated into all three languages. Sasha says it feels very rewarding and amazing to see people from different countries relating to her stories. “This shows how we might be from different countries, and speak different languages, but we are united in our feelings of love and fun,” says the artist.

Check out Sasha’s comics in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t

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