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Love In The Little Things Illustrated In Heartwarming Comics

Published 8 years ago

Most people and cats agree: love is great. And Philippa Rice is great at drawing it in all its small incarnations. For Rice, love isn’t simply grand romantic gestures; it’s also the tiny thing that make up everyday life together. She draws her webcomic based on things that happened to her and her boyfriend while living together. The book is fittingly called Soppy and sold on Amazon.

Philipa Rice currently lives and works in Bristol. She does both comics and animation. “I work in a bunch of different styles and mediums,” she writes on her own website. “People keep asking me which is my favourite and I can’t choose. It’s nice to switch between different materials and techniques.” And if you want some more soppy drawings, why not check out this post by Puuung here?

More info: amazon | | facebook | twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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Love wakes up with you… and then follows you both to the kitchen!


Similarly, your significant other will follow you for the simple pleasure of being there with you.


And even if you’re not aware of it, love doesn’t let go during sleep!


It’s also what makes you brush teeth as a pair.


Everything is better when done with a loved one, even grocery shopping. They don’t mind if you start snacking on the way back, either.


Love also means a lot hugs, every day and at random times.


And just like any relationship, love has troubles with choosing food.


And being together means that someone will always hold your hand, no matter what.


Even the smallest things that signify your togetherness can be exciting!


Living and loving together means that not being alone even in your solitary hobbies.


Plus, there’s always someone to help/blame when you’re assembling IKEA.


And sometimes, love is putting the other’s needs before your own


Being together makes even cooking into a fun task.


And one can always count on the support of a loved one even in the smallest of matters.


Plus, a loved one is the best person for deep conversations in the bed and over a sandwich.


Being together also means having someone down with cuddling at the drop of the hat


Your loved will also follow (or take) you to all the cool tiny cafes


Autumn leaves are much prettier when you have someone to enjoy them with.


Loving is also knowing when to say “I’m sorry.”


Besides, what can beat falling asleep in your loved one’s lap?


Or going to explore new places, even if those places are parks?


And then, love teaches you the value of compromise.


At the end of the day, being in love is looking at the same direction…


…and bravely meeting tomorrow, together.


If you would like to see more, check out the author’s book on Amazon

Martynas Klimas

Writes like a mad dervish, rolls to dodge responsibility, might have bitten the Moon once.

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