This Artist Got Married And Now Illustrates Her Marriage In Funny Comics (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Caroline is a comic artist who married her middle school love about a year ago and has been illustrating her married life in a comic series titled I Love You X Infinity. She says she started creating the illustrations because she wanted to express her love beyond words. “They had become really fun to make, so I kept drawing more and more for him and decided to share it with everyone as well. These are just a few of many illustrations with more to come,” says Caroline.

The artist says she’s been an artist since she was a child and was inspired by her favorite cartoons, comic books, and games. “I discovered my style through lots of experimentation between American and Japanese cartoons, and eventually ended up with what you see today!” says Caroline. Cartoons always had a special place in her heart since they allow her to “draw from real life or create totally different fantasies that don’t apply to reality” which is something the artist always admired.

“As far as my married comics go, my husband and I started dating in middle school and have been together since,” says the artist. Caroline used to draw little doodles for him now and again in the past. She eventually started creating more drawings of the both of them to express her love and realized how fun it was to draw all of the moments they share together. “It’s been really nice to see the feedback we get from others about how relatable our lives are and to see everyone share their love with each other. I don’t see myself ever stopping and, hopefully, one day, I can make a career out of it!” says the artist. Check out her comics in the gallery below!

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#1 We Love Spicy Food!

#2 And So He Baked A Cake

#3 Gaming Together

#4 My Facial Expression When I’m Alone Vs. When I See You!

#5 Seeing And Standing Next To Him Made Me Feel So At Ease And Full Of Happiness

#6 Just Want To Have Clear Skin

#7 I Love The Hugs I Get While I’m Working

#8 Hot Vs. Cold

#9 What’s Love If Ya Can’t Joke Around With Each Other

#10 Deciding What Food To Get… Why Not Get Both!

#11 Tfw When You’re Makin’ Out With Your So And Your Pet Is Silently Judging You

#12 I Love Leaving Little Presents On Steven’s Desk, But You Know I Had To Have Some Of That Candy

#13 Oops I’m Thirsty

#14 Hugs

#15 Just Because The Weather Is Getting Hotter, Doesn’t Mean It’ll Stop Me From Spoonage

#16 Don’t Mind Me Just Thirsting Over My Husband

#17 Toony Says Go To Skreep

#18 One, Two, Kisses Coming For You…

#19 Over A Decade Into Our Relationship, And I Still Ask Dumb Questions I Already Know The Answers To…

#20 Blessed

#21 Spread Da Luv And Happiness!

#22 When I Want A Kiss, I Want A Big Kiss

#23 Waking Up Your Spouse Is A Labor Of Love

#24 After All These Years Of Steven Complimenting Me I Still Get Flustered

#25 Taking Care Of Each Other When We’re Sick

#26 Finding More Ways To Express How Much I Love You

#27 We All Have Rough Days Sometimes. Whenever My Batteries Are Completely Drained, Steven Can Always Effortlessly Recharge Them!

#28 There Are Two Types Of People: Those Who Use Exact Measurements In A Recipe, And Then There’s Me

#29 Movie Night

#30 I Love The Lil Early Morning Kisses I Get From Steven Before He Leaves For Work

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