International Couple Illustrates Their Daily Lives In Funny Comics (28 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

Milia, an Indonesian pharmacist, and her husband Matteo, an Italian illustrator, are an international couple with a passion for art. Just a few months ago, they were living their dream life in Bali, getting married on a remote tropical island, before moving to Italy for their honeymoon and getting stuck in lockdown. That’s when they began illustrating their daily lives and cultural differences in funny comics.

“Spicy food, painful yoga, romantic moments, huge portions, overloaded bikes, sweet hopes, and much more,” says Milia. “Our life seems to be an endless adventure!”

Check out Matteo and Milia’s comic in the gallery below!

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#1 When He Cooks

#2 When She Cooks

#3 Life Without Hair Salons

#4 Learning Meditation

#5 Hugging Tall People

#6 How To Move Stuff Around Bali

#7 The First Winter

#8 First Sunshine After Months

#9 There Is Always Time To Be Romantic

#10 Side Effects Of Isolation

#11 Stay Strong

#12 Sunbathing

#13 First Indonesian Traditional Massage

#14 Do Your Best

#15 Learning Yoga

#16 Video Interview

#17 West In Asia

#18 Balinese Memories

#19 Watching Sunsets

#20 Stay Safe

#21 Life Without Human Contacts

#22 New Year

#23 Like A Fish

#24 Traveling

#25 West In Asia

#26 Time To Travel

#27 I Sea You

#28 How People Celebrate Christmas In Bali

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