30 Pieces Of Tribute Art Paying Respect To The Australian Bushfires

Published 4 years ago

The devastating bushfires continue to ravage Australia and even though firefighters are doing their best to put out the flames, there’s still a long way to go until they’re fully extinguished. Millions of animals have lost their lives and countless people lost their homes but luckily people from all around the world are finally realizing the gravity of the situation and are donating money to help Australians fight the fires. Some artists are also showing solidarity by creating heartbreaking tribute art that pays respects to the bushfires – check it out in the gallery below.

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Image source: ellejart


Image source: sky_garden


Image source: melanippe_art


Image source: cusonlo


Image source: bonniepangart


Image source: the_monkey_brush


Image source: ellejart


Image source: sarahrot


Image source: sleepydoops


Image source: antonioilustrando


Image source: theartdary


Image source: catandcatcomics


Image source: spaghettitoesdad


Image source: anniko_story


Image source: sallyandpiper


Image source: moinazim_graphics


Image source: jacobs_food_diaries


Image source: rosanna_spagnuolo


Image source: danilotsouzart


Image source: kelogsloops


Image source: yas_caricature


Image source: erhancihangiroglu


Image source: xandra.m.stories


Image source: speto


Image source: sandrajockus


Image source: georangel_makeup


Image source: guilherme_bandeira


Image source: sonya_illustration


Image source: yvanduque


Image source: trescorderos

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