26 Unlucky Homeowners Share Pics Of Their Worst Day

Published 5 months ago

Mishaps are a part of life, but when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Homeownership can be one of those experiences that comes with unlikely pitfalls. However, as usual, our unlucky protagonists have learned to apply a little bit of humour to the situation and turn an otherwise unfortunate incident into a veritable series of laughs.

Scroll below for this fun selection of posts found on the ‘Well, That Sucks,’ subreddit that might be just the perspective we need to apply to our own doomed moments in order to turn it from something awful to something entertaining instead.

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#1 Guess Someone’s Gonna Be Late For Work

Image source: girolski07

T’Mar of Vulcan: That kitty looks entirely too pleased with itself.

#2 After A Grueling Day At Work Without Food Where I Had To Wait 4 Hours For A Sample To Arrive Which Got Canceled, I Come Home At 7pm To Find All My S**t In Garbage Bags Cause The Cleaners My Landlord Sent Cleared The Wrong Apartment

Image source: km1180

NoBadDays: Try to work in a month or two of no rent as compensation!

#3 This Is Why You Don’t Put Up Solar Panels If You Live By A Golf Course

Image source: NASTYH0USEWIFE

arthbach: Hmmm, yes, but it is the responsibility of the gold course to ensure that people aren’t launching golf-ball-shaped-missiles at people’s houses. The golf club should be paying to replacement of those panels, and also erecting netting to prevent this. If the netting can’t be erected, they should be reconfiguring the layout of the course to ensure this does not happen again.

#4 Installed A Lovely Sunlight In My New Bathroom, Without Realizing It Would Perfectly Frame That Horrid Tower

Image source: zalik9

Mam cymraeg: Industrial chic

#5 Someone Drove A U-Haul Into My Bedroom

Image source: puffskeins

arthbach: My goodness, the lack of structural stability, the construction materials, the lack of insulation!

#6 My Cat Brought A Live Mouse In And Lost It In My Room. Again

Image source: Background-Web-484

Susie Elle: “You’re welcome, Jessica.”

#7 My Tomatoes Look Like A Felled At-At

Image source: BakedKimber-Lays

#8 Left My Bathroom Window Open For 3 Weeks Whilst I Was Away And A Bird Laid A Nest In My Sink

Image source: grenadej

Mabelbabel: Pigeon? Pigeons make rather lazy nests

#9 My 6 Year Old Swung On The Gate Once

Image source: Im_not_batman_you_R

Surenu: Did someone feed your kid protein shakes?

#10 Someone Drove A U-Haul Into My Bedroom

Image source: puffskeins

arthbach: My goodness, the lack of structural stability, the construction materials, the lack of insulation!

#11 Sunlight Through This Glass Doorknob Started A Housefire

Image source: Green____cat

#12 Blizzard Blew The Man Door On My Garage Open Yesterday

Image source: PCDevine

Happy Quokka: The cat looks to be very happy he is a house cat.

#13 I’m Never Going To Recover Financially From This

Image source: Jonnyyrage

Tabitha: You went against sage advice and put them all in one basket, didn’t you?

#14 This Is My View From The Bathroom Floor, Looking At The Hole In The Ceiling I Just Fell Through

Image source: StickyMcdoodle

#15 Was Lying In Bed When I Heard A Pop And Shattering Glass….

Image source: iSquishBread

Mam cymraeg: Could have been worse could have been lying in the bath

#16 The Only Path Back To My Room Blocked By Cute But Incredibly Angry Sea Lions

Image source: NanoArowanaTank

#17 Drove My 17 Year Old Son To Visit My Childhood Home

Image source: gjawhar

OogieBoogie: Did you live in the ‘Poltergeist’ house ?

#18 Washing Machine In The Apartment Above Me Was Pouring Water For Days, And No One Noticed Until It Started Pouring Out Of My Circuit Breaker

Image source: hospitaltraveler

#19 Dog Decided To Bust Through My Bedroom Door Like The Kool-Aid Man While I Was At Work

Image source: AtticusVoid

Madam Puddyfoot: That dog has serious separation anxiety.

#20 Do You Want To See What God Did To Me Today

Image source: Cheeky_Guy

Don Golosso: He threw a cactus in your backyard?

#21 My Car Broke Down This Morning On My Way To Work And Had To Be Towed. Not 5 Minutes After I Got Home, My Ceiling Collapsed

Image source: Cthulhetta

Morten Jul Lægaard: Go to bed again 😁

#22 Delivery Driver Hung Food Order On My Fence And My Dog Ate It Every Single Bite

Image source: Lucia_Unicorn

Boo-Urns: Who leaves food hanging on a fence? Zero chance I’d be paying for that “delivery”.

#23 Stepped On A Ketchup Packet

Image source: contra31

#24 (Oc) Meet Bonnie, Our 3 Month Old Collie. During The Night She Discovered A Can Of Blue Paint With A Loose Lid. We Call This Her ‘Blue Period’ Since She Is Obviously Going Through Some Artistic Phase. (The Chinese Rug Cost Nearly $6,000.)

Image source: Gainsborough-Smythe

Maggz Bennett: Who lets a dog near a $6000 rug???

#25 I Have 30 Seconds To Sweep This Up Before The Cat Pees On It

Image source: stvckmind

Mag Marguerite: You have to rush but you take a pic…?

#26 I Met The Guy Putting A New Roof On My Apartment Today

Image source: Geckko

Owen: I guess he… dropped in on you.

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