20 Weird And Terrible Ads That Raise Lots Of Questions, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 12 months ago

Advertising is an art form that requires creativity, strategy, and a deep understanding of the target audience. However, there are times when advertisements miss the mark so drastically that they become the subject of public ridicule. In the age of social media, ad fails have a tendency to go viral, with people sharing and shaming them online.

Today, we have compiled some ad fails from multiple online groups that were so terrible, they had no choice but to face the wrath of the internet. Brace yourself for some cringe-worthy moments!

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Image source: Advertisements that look like s***posts


Image source: Advertisements that look like s***posts


Image source: Mark Triant

That’s some nice looking tomato & basil.


Image source: Sami Kuhmonen


Image source: Penny Biersach Clark

I was so thankful to save $0.00! Thank you!!!


Image source: Giovanni Giusti

I swear I thought this was in this group. Also, why Germany? I’m in Ireland.


Image source: Giovanni Giusti

Yeah, I don’t know what DNA I need to have to make chicken tenders and fries the best diet for me.


Image source: Advertisements that look like s***posts


Image source: Bar F Cat


Image source: Geevee Snow

I’m so confused. Like will this be on the table with the salad out of reach? Or on the floor with just a weird low little salad table? How do you wash it? Why does it exist?


Image source: Vincenzo Joseph Frosolone

You may not like it, but this is the ideal canine body.


Image source: Advertisements that look like s***posts


Image source: Dennis Levin


Image source: Jocelyn Stoffar DelGallo

Your child, too, can learn to casually disembowel a doll


Image source: Jim Geers

No attempt in the ad copy to call out the weird humor of this. Would you like to go and hang out with the zombies on your next vacation?


Image source: Jared Mathiason


Image source: Bishop Thompson

Now hiring real food.


Image source: Advertisements that look like s***posts


Image source: Magiana Kana


Image source: Chris Lynne

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