Family Asks Neighbors To Help Pick Out Their House Color Using An Online Survey, End Up Receiving Over 70,000 Votes

Published 4 years ago

The Landreth family recently found themselves facing a serious decision – what color should they repaint their home? They quickly realized that this decision is tougher than it seems. That’s when they decided to think outside the box – instead of picking the color themselves, the Landreths created an online poll where their neighbors could vote for their favorite color by scanning a QR code outside the family’s home. And to everyone’s surprise it instantly went viral!

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In an interview with KGW8, Brian Landreth joked that the family didn’t want to be “that neighbor with that bright ugly house that everyone sees every day”.

Image credits: Brian Landreth

That’s when the man came up with the idea of starting an online poll. He placed a sign outside the family’s home that said “Help us choose a color” along with a QR code that linked to a Google Docs page, and soon enough the votes started pouring in.

Image credits: Brian Landreth

Also, it turns out that the online poll not only helped the family pick the color for their house but also helped their daughter Grace with her homework.

Image credits: Brian Landreth

The girl had an assignment for her technology class that required her to collect data using a survey so her father’s idea really helped her out!

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Naturally, the family only expected to get a few votes from their neighbors but after a picture of the poll went viral online, they received over 70,000 votes!

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“I didn’t think people from across the planet would vote on the color of my house that they probably don’t know where it is,” said Grace.

Image credits: michalnaka

Inside the poll, you could give between 1 and 5 votes to all of the five colors the family chose – you can cast your vote too by either scanning the QR code or clicking here.

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