30 Interesting Incidents When A Specific Person Had To Bear All The Wrath Of The Universe

Published 3 years ago

At times, someone’s bad luck is so bad that they feel like the whole universe is conspiring against them. A subreddit called “Fudge YOU In Particular” (can’t use the real name, thanks to internet police!) is a community in which people share instances where they think that one person or thing was specifically targeted for no reason at all (maybe past karma).

In its description, the community expresses itself as “The home of photos, GIFs, and videos of people/things taking comical injuries/beatings/general physical discomfort, while being singled out.” Scroll down to have a look at some unlucky fellas, and you might even find a few of them relatable if you ever felt singled out like that.

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Image source: Matt_Feddi


Image source: ImgursHowUnfortunate


Image source: thefanum


Image source: iminiki


Image source: You-OK-Hun


Image source: AvoidMySnipes


Image source: JohnZ117


Image source: beaverkc


Image source: sonofabitch


Image source: rajackwhoop

247 seats in my section of the concert hall. I got this one.


Image source: analgrunt


Image source: JksG_5


Image source: Vargorx


Image source: J0shn


Image source: NotARedd-itor


Image source: CountZapolai


Image source: Boojibs


Image source: Alaskan_Lost


Image source: Cymet06

“Wasps made a nest on my anti-wasps spray bottle.”


Image source: SebasCbass


Image source: alecks23


Image source: bishcraft1979


Image source: heavydisme


Image source: egg1234567890

“Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake.”


Image source: vk23621322362232

“Car sinks into ground in Mumbai India, amid heavy monsoon.”


Image source: giorgiozamp


Image source: sendintheotherclowns


Image source: BuffMaClass


Image source: TVjanbaaz


Image source: UnsolicitedPotatoPic

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