30 Times People Forgot To Do The Math And Ended Up Making Fools Of Themselves

Published 4 years ago

Sometimes math can be frustrating enough to drive you to tears. But despite that, most of us still use basic math on a daily basis without much problem. However, today we have a collection of people that clearly skipped math class back in school.

The r/TheyDidntDoTheMath subreddit, as the name suggests, is dedicated to people that clearly didn’t do the math and ended up making fools of themselves. Check out some of the most hilarious submissions in the gallery below!

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#1 Not Age Appropriate

Image source: dedokta

#2 Not Sure That’s How That Works

Image source: Brokenrecords910

#3 A Penny A Day For A Year Will Get You Nowhere

Image source: GustavGarlicBread

#4 Small Brain Moment

Image source: Jamo999

#5 Tipping Ain’t A City In China

Image source: atlienk

#6 Centaur Proportions.

Image source: nosville22_PL

#7 ?‍♂️

Image source: AGFNerd247

#8 Ah Yes, Calculation

Image source: EkskiuTwentyTwo

#9 Ignore The Comment

Image source: StupidButAlsoDumb

#10 So Close

Image source: –MichaelScott–

#11 What A Genius

Image source: lukeber4

#12 Seems About Right

Image source: EyewarsTheMangoMan

#13 Seems Right To Me..

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Yay! We All Win

Image source: plipyplop

#15 For The 0.01th Time?

Image source: thatgayguy12

#16 At Least They Tried

Image source: shwifti

#17 Makes Sense

Image source: ivan200520052005

#18 Ah Yes, The 500 People Population Of The U. S.

Image source: howiemandealt

#19 Yep

Image source: migel210

#20 20

Image source: dubnr3d

#21 Fox Is Making Up Numbers

Image source: itzcookiepvp

#22 This Was Not A Joke

Image source: cheapasianproducts

#23 How Many Trips Back To The Store?

Image source: tonyoncoffee

#24 Once A Day For Whole Year

Image source: TheStangun

#25 How Do I Take Advantage Of This Special?

Image source: grrrr12344

#26 Tiktokers Can’t Be This Dumb

Image source: dankmonkeyss

#27 Please Explain… Yes…

Image source: XLRIV48

#28 Only 4% Of The People Wash Their Hands?

Image source: LemurFemurr

#29 Hmm…

Image source: mavolw

#30 When Did Free Become So Expensive?

Image source: reddit.com

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