30 Times People Were Trolled For “Not Doing The Math”

Published 2 years ago

Math is probably not the favorite subject for many students but a basic understanding of the subject can come in handy in various daily life situations. And even if someone struggles with basic Maths, most of us now have a smartphone with a calculator to make things easier.

However, some people neither use their brains nor their smartphone calculators and end up being mocked in the subreddit “They didn’t do the math“. Yup, this entire subreddit is dedicated to roasting people who failed to do basic Math. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 How Did Everyone Else Miss This?

Image source: khamosh132

#2 H

Image source: Angella_her

#3 Exactly

Image source: dinosaurs1969

#4 Every 1000 Years?

Image source: spacefem

#5 An Alternative Reality Sequence

Image source: dak0tah

#6 Lol

Image source: khamosh132

#7 A Post About Triplet Regnancy

Image source: FoxyIsUnderrated

#8 Seems Like A Few Extra Zeros

Image source: yupfinglas

#9 Population Of New Cuyama

Image source: QompleteReasons

#10 Oh You Were Joking

Image source: reddit.com

#11 44 Billion Divided By 8 Billion = 5 Billion

Image source: atlienk

#12 Very Interesting

Image source: Sizzox

#13 He Is Now 100.8 Kg, And 0.794% Ravioli, If The Ravioli Is Part Of Him

Image source: goofyonlinepersona

#14 What A Deal!

Image source: doodpool

#15 Passive Income

Image source: Strude187

#16 Chicken Nuggets On The Burger King App

Image source: StandardCord18

#17 1 Out Of 6 Americans Are Dead Now

Image source: goofyonlinepersona

#18 I Smell Profit!

Image source: Carth999

#19 15 / 3 = 0

Image source: Edward_Fingerhands

#20 Sims Taxes

Image source: Carbonaraive

#21 50% Larger

Image source: infamouszgbgd

#22 8+3 = 10

Image source: ItsMichaelRay

#23 Nice Try, Amazon

Image source: aepler315

#24 1 Year =~365.25 Days, So…

Image source: dak0tah

#25 Reddit Premium Pricing

Image source: MedicalRhubarb7

#26 Me_irl

Image source: DaBinIchUwe

#27 Maybe Exercise Your Brain More?

Image source: ArtemisRising_55

#28 That Isn’t A Majority, But Great Headline

Image source: ovenface2000

#29 I Don’t Think They Know What 24/7 Means

Image source: copper_boom

#30 You Do The Math!

Image source: bougieprole

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