20 Of The Ugliest Weddings Dresses, According To This Facebook Group

Published 1 year ago

Choosing the wedding gown for one’s marriage is usually at the top of a bride’s wedding to-do list and is a rather momentous occasion in its own right. While the tradition is to go with white, did you know that it’s actually a more recent adoption? 

According to our research, Asian countries wedding dresses used to be traditionally red, whereas in Rome it was usually deep yellow, meanwhile in ancient Athenian times, the gown was in fact either red or violet. 

While the acceptable colour across the board has become white in modern times, there are still a million different styles to choose from. However, even while choosing to go with the tradition of the white dress, the bride can still make rather controversial choices, as evidenced below. Scroll below to check out some of the most outrageous wedding dress designs people chose to get married in according to this wedding dress shaming Facebook group. 

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#1 A Ventilation Area For All My Fellow Ibs Girlies

Image source: Steph Rylee

#2 So Classy!

Image source: Ellen B Jue

#3 For The Bride Who Likes To Leave Nothing Left To The Imagination

Image source: Paigon Johnstone

#4 Get In Quick – It’s Selling Fast… Apparently?!

Image source: Paigon Johnstone

#5 This Was The Gem That Came Across My Feed Today. Speechless. Needless To Say, I’m Still Looking

Image source: Anonymous member

#6 This Will Be On Shein By Next Week

Image source: Megan Van Dorn

#7 Is She Rocking It? Yes. Is It Awful? Also Yes

Image source: Ellen B Jue

#8 There Is So Much Wrong Here

Image source: Marissa Marie

#9 The Shoulder Pad Bra See Through Look Is My Least Favorite Trend Ever

Image source: Erica Davis

#10 Found On Tiktok

Image source: Anonymous member

#11 I Can Finally Contribute To This Group

Image source: Anonymous member

#12 This Here Is Just Tacky And Looks Like A Baked Potato Exploded

Image source: Carissa Duvessa Spenst

#13 Found On Dhgate. Someone Actually Bought This Thing. And Somehow It Looks Worse Than The Expected Item. I Have No Words

Image source: Sammie Jo

#14 Posting Myself In This Absolute Disaster Of A Dress My Bridal Consultants Picked Out For Me When I Went To Try On Dresses. All Smiles Because I Could Not Stop Laughing At How Horrid It Was

Image source: Audrey Fuchs

#15 She’s A Prominent Influencer So I Didn’t Block Out Her Name And Face But What Is This

Image source: Savanna Mitchell

#16 Singer Of A Punk Band I Love Got Married In This Travesty (Love The Shoes Though)

Image source: Morgan Hay

#17 Just A Nice Post-Wedding Stroll With The Family

Image source: Deanna Patterson

#18 The Sleeve Length, The See Through, The Ruffles, The Everything Tbh Just Awful

Image source: Britti Absolum

#19 I Will Never Understand How People Think This Dress Or Any Form Of It Is Okay. Camo Is Already A Terrible Pattern But Even If You Like It, In What World Is It Wedding Appropriate

Image source: Kathleen Stibbs

#20 Just Saw On My Local Fb Marketplace. I Thought “Is That A Sheet Wrapped Over It?” ..nope

Image source: Amy Harsma Navarra

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