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10+ Before and After Photos Of How The World Has Changed Over Time

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever wondered how the area you live in now looked like 30 or 50 years ago? If so, website, recently established by a group of people fascinated with then-and-now photography, has a database full of pictures that might help you out.

This database allows anyone, who shares the love for before and after pictures, to contribute their photographs and compare how a street, an area, or a famous landmark looks like now and the way it did way back in the past.

Scroll down below to see what traces urbanization, globalization, and global warming has left on our surroundings over time and visit the page to see more.

More info: | facebook (h/t)

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#1 Rysstad, Norway, 1888 – 2013

Image source:

#2 Seljestadjuvet, Odda, Norway, 1887 – 2014

Image source:

#3 Martin Luther Statue, Dresden, Germany, 1958 – 2014

Image source:

#4 Quai Des Nations, Paris, France, 1900 – 2017

Image source:

#5 Pripyat, Ukraine, 1986 – 2016

Image source:

#6 Hofbräuhaus München, Germany, 1910 – 2017

Image source:

#7 Chaney Glacier, USA, 1911 – 2005

Image source:

#8 Corner Of Ratajczaka And Św. Marcin Streets, Poznań, Poland, 1945 – 2017

Image source:

#9 Moulin Rouge, Paris, France, 1900 – 2016

Image source:

#10 Engabreen Glacier, Norway, 1889 – 2010

Axel Lindahl’s picture of Engabreen from 1889 shows the foot of the glacier, where there was only ice, glacial gravel, water and bare mountainsides in a seemingly cold and hostile landscape. Now, more than 120 years later, the valley has become far more fertile. Birch forest, shore meadows, willow thickets and marshland have established themselves, while the glacier arm has retreated far back up the mountainside.

Image source:


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