30 Wildest Wedding Shenanigans Caught On Camera

Published 1 year ago

While wedding planning takes so much time and effort, the execution can be a totally different experience. Different people have different dreams and bringing that vision to life on such a memorable day can definitely lead to unique experiences. Thankfully, some of these moments have been captured on camera for our luck and the shenanigans exposed with all the gusto and flava befitting the ceremonious occasion. Let the bells toll as we begin our journey into the world of weirdest wedding moments captured in the wild.

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#1 Got My Wedding Pics Back

Image source: juneah

#2 Possibly The Most Important Photo From My Wedding Day

Image source: atoadmin

#3 2 Steps Into Walking Down The Aisle. He Said, “Goddammit Jeri, Did My Pants Just Fall Down?”

Image source: ufjeff

#4 My Wife’s Grandfather With His Buddies On His Wedding Night In 1954

Image source: brooklynite

#5 My Parents’ Wedding Photo In 1991

Image source: Siamesewitch

#6 Wedding Barbie And Ken

Image source: BaronVonAwesome007

#7 Shrek-Themed Wedding

Image source: longhairedfreakyppl

#8 Someone Wasn’t Watching How Much Birdseed The Bridal Party Took

Image source: shays151

#9 Got Caught “Sniffing Glue” At A Friend’s Wedding

Image source: Hmarf

#10 Got Our Wedding Pictures Back Today, My Dad Photobombing Us Is Definitely My Favorite

Image source: emmetthale

#11 I Do Not Know Of A More Perfect Wedding Photo Than This One – My Dad, Doing A Headstand On The Dance Floor Surrounded By Cheering Family

Image source: scienceisking

#12 Every Girl’s Dream Is To Be Carried On Her Wedding Night

Image source: YouOtterKnow1

#13 They Look Adorable In The Same “Grandmother” Way

Image source: aacampisi

#14 One Of My Best Friends Married His Girlfriend Yesterday. Our Other Best Friend Was His Witness

Image source: tbdakotam

#15 We Got Married This Weekend And Did Some Ghost Pictures

Image source: gottsdamn

#16 Zelda Wedding

Image source: Jebuiz_y-har

#17 Groom’s Party Had An Interesting Take On Attire

Image source: TechLover89

I was looking at some photos from a potential photographer, and I came across this. I feel sorry for the bride and her bridesmaids since they were dressed to the nines, whereas… The groomsmen (and groom) look like they came home from a work shift at a construction site.

#18 In The Middle Of Nebraska, There’s An Art Installation Called Carhenge. It’s Literally A Car Version Of Stonehenge. My Friend Got Married There This Week

Image source: Friendlyvoices

#19 Went To A Wedding Yesterday. The Officiator Held Up This Sign During The “First Kiss”

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Bioshock-Themed Wedding

Image source: Chris Ballance

#21 Power Rangers’ Wedding

Image source: theEXPpoint

#22 The Wedded Bliss On Dad’s Face

Image source: Zealousideal-Aide890

#23 Quarantine Wedding

Image source: vicensfornsphotography

#24 Diligent Postman Interrupts Wedding Ceremony To Get Bride To Sign For Package

Image source: penyp3n

#25 Let’s See This Amazing Picture Of The Wedding That I Took From The Roof

Image source: SICKSIDE

#26 A Friend Posted This Wedding Picture. Didn’t Know He Married A Mythological Beast

Image source: rawcookiedough

#27 Just To Show How Much Of A “Final Fantasy” Fan I Am, I Cut My Wedding Cake With A DIY Buster Sword

Image source: VictorTanDesign

#28 At A Friends’ Wedding Reception, It Was Very Windy, And The Groom Got Blown Off The Cake. It Looked Like He Had Jumped Off And Ran Away, Meanwhile The Bride Was Waving Bye

Image source: deborahkim55

#29 Wedding Is A Success

Image source: heyjealousy121

#30 The Best Wedding Photo I Have Ever Seen

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