30+ Funny Russian Wedding Photos That Will Make You Die From Laughter

Published 6 years ago

We’ve all seen at least a couple of bad wedding photos surfing around the Internet. And it’s safe to say that the first thing that pops in your mind is ‘who thought that was a good idea?’. Well, this list made by Bored Panda shows a compilation of the weirdest wedding photos you have ever seen. And even though it’s not something most of us would wish to be as our wedding photos, these bizarre creations will definitely make you laugh.


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#1 He Sure Loves Watermelon

#2 Family Portrait

#3 Bride And Groom Releasing Doves Of Peace On Their Special Day

Image source: i124nk8

#4 How To Keep A Man

#5 This Really Looks Like The Best Day In Her Life

#6 Now That’s A Dream Wedding

#7 She Found Love At The Bottom Of A Bottle

Image source: Pikaburu

#8 Not Conforming To Gender Roles, I Guess

#9 Have To Keep The Traditions Going

#10 You Stay Right There Woman

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