This Woman Covers The Electrical Outlets In Her Home Using Dollhouse Doors

Published 4 years ago

Everyone needs something to do while they’re stuck home during the quarantine. And while some people are recreating artwork or cleaning their homes, others are dedicating their time to creative DIY projects. Just take Imgur user Cristina, aka cristinaf. The woman recently shared photos of her latest quarantine project – a tiny dollhouse door covering an electrical outlet in her home – to Imgur, and the photo quickly went viral on the platform. Check out Cristina’s project in the gallery below!

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Imgur user cristinaf recently shared her latest quarantine project to Imgur

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

The little door that Cristina stuck over the outlet even has its own “Welcome” mat with a tiny key under it – it’s just too adorable.

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

The little door covering the outlet even has its own “Welcome” mat with a tiny key under it

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

In an interview with Bored Panda, the woman said that her house is full of cute and creepy décor. “I have always loved miniatures and dollhouses,” said the woman. “I am known for wearing a mini teacup ring—I attached a dollhouse teacup and saucer to a ring.”

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Turns out this isn’t the first outlet she covered with a dollhouse door

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

The woman purchased some 1:12 scale unfinished dollhouse doors on Amazon, took them apart and reassembled them so that the doors open outwards. “I painted them and then simply hot-glued them to the existing plates on my outlets. I do not recommend this for homes with small children as they can be ripped off easily,” added Cristina.

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

“It’s important to know that these doors swing in so you need to carefully remove the bottom piece of wood (I used a razor blade,) flip the door around, and re-glue it,” advised the woman. “You may need to make a new hole for the pin that allows the door to swing. Make sure you don’t glue the door shut! Lastly, paint as you like, and add details and hot glue to the existing outlet plate.”

Cristina’s post quickly went viral on Imgur

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

In just a few days, Cristina’s post was viewed over 142k times and received 3.6k likes on Imgur.

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Cristina doesn’t just buy dollhouse doors to cover the outlets – she builds dollhouses herself

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

Cristina also creates beautiful dollhouses, like the Greenleaf Dollhouse that took the woman two whole months to finish.

Cristina also made this adorable teacup ring sometime before

Image credits: Cristina (cristinaf)

People loved Cristina’s DIY projecct

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