30 Interesting Things People Found While Cleaning Their Homes During The Quarantine

Published 4 years ago

Now that you’re stuck at home almost 24/7, it’s the perfect time to finish up the chores you’ve been putting off for so long. You know, like cleaning up your room. And if all this free time still isn’t motivating you to do it, maybe people sharing their most interesting quarantine cleaning finds will.

People are sharing the most interesting things they’ve found while cleaning their homes during the quarantine and turns out there’s more than just empty coffee cups and dirty socks to be found. From old Blockbuster membership cards to WWI shrapnel rounds, check out the most interesting things people found while cleaning their homes in the gallery below!

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Image source: zeldawilliams


Image source: splashattack

My wife found a small fortune in the basement today. We donated them to our local hospital.


Image source: reddit.com

Found the newspaper that announced Elizabeth as Queen


Image source: cb1406

Quarantine cleaning the garage and I hit the jackpot!


Image source: Ash_Barnwell


Image source: teyaahjy


Image source: GreeneMachine82


Image source: MollyPandaParty

Found while cleaning, seems extra relevant these days


Image source: kupus0

Cleaning my attic during quarantine. Found all my past mobile phones starting with beeper oc


Image source: MumboTheStarlow

Was cleaning out a closet and found these Uno cards that are water resistant


Image source: Down_Loard

This map I found while cleaning up!


Image source: JoyDemorra


Image source: IAmGenius14

This Map from 1941 I found cleaning my grandpas room.


Image source: Meliv23

Moved back in with my parents and am helping my Dad clean the shed. Forgot these were in there. That’s the quarantine entertainment sorted, smegheads!


Image source: bashfulbuildabear

My dad found these tickets while quarantine cleaning


Image source: Nthapeleng__


Image source: DJJudd


Image source: sdawn123

Quarantine Cleaning – found my very first bra (it’s the napkin on the bottom)


Image source: sixhundred71

Found while clearing yard. Weighs about 6 lbs. It looks like a MK 1 shrapnel round. WWI projectile made by the French, and used by allies.


Image source: just_mark_now


Image source: carebearkarch

Found this while cleaning. Hi, Dad. Miss you


Image source: DaBearsFan85

Look what I found while doing some spring cleaning. Original Star Wars figures from 1980.


Image source: sam_patt1


Image source: hanoverfiste23

This old box of straight razors I found cleaning out the basement


Image source: amrasillias

While cleaning out my attic I found out that Bruce Willis also had an early music career


Image source: cuddlebundlez

Since we’re all stuck in the house, my family finally had a chance to do some spring cleaning. Cleaned so deep that we unearthed some cans of food leftover from the Y2K scare. Behold, 20 year-old dehydrated broccoli.


Image source: AndrewCrow


Image source: thewhiteknyt

I’m in the middle of renovating my partially finished basement. I found a stash of og Fluke multimeters behind a wall. All of them work save 5 and most are brand new. Originally these would’ve been worth between $5-6k.


Image source: beygalorex


Image source: heatherbooth

Today’s #quaranclean find

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