How To Make 3D Holograms With Your Smartphone

Published 9 years ago

Do you want to make you phone even more hi-tech? How about making you own, tiny ersatz hologram projector? Youtube user Mrwhosetheboss has created a fairly low tech DIY tutorial about it. First, you need to make a trapezoid template that’s 6 cm wide at the bottom, 1 cm wide on the top, and 3.5 cm high – you can triple those measurements for a nicer effect!

Next, take one of your dusty CD cases, break off the holders and the sides, and cut out four trapezoids. You’ll need to glue them together (tape works) into a prismatic pyramid.

Then you place the projector on the phone, turn a “hologram friendly” video on, and enjoy the future in the comfort of your home.

More info: youtube (h/t: mashable)

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First, projector in action:

To make the projector, you’ll need a trapezoid template:


It has to be 6cm wide at the bottom and 1 cm at the top, and 3.5 cm high.


Next, take a CD case cover and break off the holders on the sides.


Then, cut out four trapezoids out of the plastic.


Using a bit of tape, you can make a four-sided pyramid.

Put it on the smartphone, get a hologram friendly video, and marvel at the future.

Now make one yourself:

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