30 Times People Tried To Modify Their Cars In The Dumbest Ways Possible, As Shared By This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

The choice of one’s car depends on various factors – some people prefer big cars while others prefer small ones, some can afford expensive cars while others are fine with even second-hand cars. But when it comes to making upgrades to a car, there are only two options – either it’s a brilliantly creative design or a dumb weird idea.

There is an online community on Reddit that shares pictures of weirdly modified cars. From steering wheel decorated with crystals to ridiculously huge tires, scroll below to see some of the worst modifications people made to their cars.

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#1 I Have A Hard Time Calling This S**tty Because It’s Done So Well

Image source: natteulven

#2 Does This Belong Here?

Image source: DesPaSooTi

#3 Found On Craigslist. This One Kinda Rules, Actually

Image source: shrampo

#4 Overcompensating Much?

Image source: G1prime

#5 Gotta Love Grandma

Image source: onewheeler2

#6 If You Thought The Outside Was Bad

Image source: FatFreddysCoat

#7 Airbag Mod

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Today Was My Last Day At Work And This Is What Greeted Me In The Car Park. I Work In Automotive Engineering

Image source: Chili-Rush

#9 Who You Callin Pinhead

Image source: cheftmfrosty

#10 How Long Till They Go Flat?

Image source: primter

#11 Literally Why

Image source: _peglegjeg_

#12 Lightning Mcmeth

Image source: Aschynt

#13 It Looks Like Wall-E’s Grandfather

Image source: LordStigness

#14 The Car We All Drew In Kindergarten

Image source: K0EN1G5EGG

#15 I Bet It Comes In Handy

Image source: aiden66

#16 This Absolute Monstrosity I Saw At The Hospital

Image source: ChiKrew

#17 My County Is A Treasure Trove Of Sh**ty Car Mods And Of Course I Honked

Image source: fuqurmouf

#18 Leather Seats

Image source: ServerZero

#19 Lets Get This Bread

Image source: Tp_potato

#20 Pretty Much Just Sums Up This Sub

Image source: ThickAirBalloons

#21 Headlights Before Electricity Was Discovered

Image source: jornadaa

#22 Sliiiiiiiiide To The Left Take It Back Now Y’all

Image source: ShoeLayce17

#23 Let Me Introduce You To The Fordfordfordfordford F150f150f150f150

Image source: Omaha419

#24 Sorry, I Can’t Go Out With You Tomorrow. I Have To Mow My Van

Image source: RedBanana99

#25 I Think We Can All Agree That Stance Builds Like These Are Incredibly Stupid

Image source: drifkingg

#26 If You Gonna Do, Do It Properly

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Basketball Taillight

Image source: c0decat

#28 Silent Killer Mkii

Image source: sickofyoursh*thun

#29 This Window Tint

Image source: jaycinade

#30 How Is This Even Legal?

Image source: GiddieOutMyWay

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