Composing your Own Travel Diary

Published 8 years ago

As a child have you kept maintained a diary where you wrote everything that happened during the day? Did you update the diary about the exciting or sad things that happened in your life? If you did and as an adult if you want to expand this habit, then this article may be of some interest to you. If you are someone who is keen on writing and not just typing on a computer, then there are many non orthodox ways you can put this habit into use. Most people would encourage someone who likes writing by asking them to blog or write a novel. However, it does not always have to be for the benefit of other people. If you are keen on keeping your writing personal, but also want to look back at it someday in life and reminisce, then the ideal thing for you to do is to maintain a travel diary. You can write about the places you visit and the things you do. This way, you can even pass it onto future generations who like to explore like you. This article aims to give you some tips on composing your own travel diary. Here they are.

Do not stick to the Conventional Methods

One of the most important things to do is to break away from the conventional method of writing a diary where you keep accounts of what happens every time you travel. Instead you can make it interesting by including lists that can be followed. For an instance, if you visit the land down under, you can compose a list titled things to do Melbourne. This list can compose of places to see, places to eat great food and also places to go shopping. This way, if you revisit the same place again, you will also have the benefit of having the list to refer to, so that you do not visit the same place twice. Further, if a friend or someone else needs some help figuring out what to do in a place you have been to before, then you can just pass them a copy of your list. This will be very helpful and it will also help you to keep your memories in a non conventional way.

Make the Pages Creative

It is important that you make the pages of your diary very creative. For an instance, if you are making a list of things that can be done in a certain city or a country, you could stick a few souvenirs that you collected from those respective places. Further, you can take pictures of these places and print them out and stick them. You can make it even more interesting by colour coding the places you visit when travelling according to some method of your preference. This way your diary will not be a plain boring account of your travels, it will be a creative expedition that anyone can take just by reading your diary. Therefore, ensure that you make it creative.

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