Woman Makes Human-Sized Feather Wings That Spread Like Real Ones

Published 9 years ago

Unfortunately, we don’t have wings, so there go my dreams of crapping on birds (see how you like it). But this brave cosplayer has made the second best thing. Her pneumatically activated wings don’t allow you to fly, but they look great and spread out gracefully as if you were an eagle, or an angel, or a harpy. Steampunk fans will love the sounds of pistons working, too.

The wings were made by Alexis Noriega, who lives in Tuscon Estates, Arizona, and runs the Crooked Feather Etsy store. “I decided to start working with feathers and wings for fun and found that I LOVE the material and the possibilities,” Noriega writes on her store page. “Working with them is not easy and it takes a great deal of patience, but the results are always something I can be proud of.” She plans on releasing a tutorial video, too!

More info: facebook | etsy (h/t: laughingsquid)

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A demonstration of the wings in action:

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