“Your Grandma But, Like, Hip”: 30 People Living Their Cottagecore Dreams

Published 11 months ago

There is something so idyllic and blissful about cottagecore that makes it very attractive as not just an aesthetic, but as a lifestyle too. As an ode to simpler and calmer times, cottagecore is a nostalgic retreat into rural living embracing a life that’s more harmonious with nature. 

Even though it was a trend that first gained popularity in the 2010s, cottagecore has recently re-emerged in 2023 on TikTok. Folks are back to sharing photos of their adoption of these traditional styles and skills either through a vintage lace dress, a freshly kneaded loaf of bread or a crown of flowers that celebrates the countryside. So scroll for a heartening peek at the way people have been expressing the innocent joy they have found in this simple way of life in the gallery below.

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#1 I Took These A Few Months Ago For My Birthday. I Wish It Was More Normal To Dress Up Like This In Public Lol

Image source: sourfruitte

#2 I Put Up A Forest Portal In My Office

Image source: forestgirlclothing

#3 Magical Cottage

Image source: cottagecoredream

#4 Black Cottagecore Representation

Image source: vintagepop

#5 Seattle- The Woodwork Is Breathtaking!

Image source: FloraFit

#6 Been Cycling Around The UK Countryside. Thought You Might Enjoy This

Image source: CyclingFrenchie

#7 This Greenhouse Gives Me Strong Cottagecore Vibes

Image source: DavyJonesArmoire

#8 The Precious Mushroom Lamp I Purchased Today

Image source: foskatbee

#9 Wore This Out To An Afternoon Tea Event!

Image source: SpiffyPenguin_

#10 Never Have I Thought I Would Fall In Love With A Rolling Pin

Image source: nemosek

#11 Saw This On Twt And Instantly Thought Of This Sub

Image source: WitchyTQ

#12 Mom Made. I Thought It Was Pretty Cottagecore. Show Her Some Love, She’s Shy About Her Crafting

Image source: Keeksforya

#13 I Made Us Matching Coats

We went to do a nice photoshoot and the sun set right when we got to the beach which turned the sky pink. I feel like we are serving faerie princes at the summer cottage vibes here.

Image source: mrfabulousdesigns

#14 Thatched Roof Cottage Surrounded By Flowers, Rutland, East Midlands, England

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#15 My Grandmother And I Finished Our Very First Quilt! We Wanted Something Reminiscent Of An Old English Farmhouse Quilt. Im Overjoyed With The Result!

Image source: Amodernhousehusband

#16 Come Take A Nap

Image source: Neat-Swimming

#17 Mushroom Royalty Costumes We Did For The Renaissance Festival!

Image source: Savanaray

#18 Finally Finished That Fireplace Mural I Shared Here A While Ago

Image source: lillypiri

#19 After The Discussion About Masculine Cottagecore Outfits, I’ve Decided To Make My Own “Lookbook”

Image source: Whelsey

#20 Strawberry Cake I Made For Myself

Image source: F00dventures

#21 Made A Flower Crown, Didn’t Know Where Else To Show It

Image source: homelessthought

#22 I Made My First Focaccia

Image source: reddit.com

#23 It’s Finally Done! What Do You Guys Think?

Image source: Beautiful_Queen57

#24 I Visited My Fiancé’s Childhood Home And It’s So Dreamy

Image source: Demonprincesswarrior

#25 Cozy Morning

Image source: Whatabouttheteachers

#26 I Made Cinnamon-Blueberry Tarts, Inspired By Monet

Image source: inspiredtotaste

#27 Someone Suggested I Post These Here: I Made Spring Botanical Illustration Cookies! These Are Vanilla Bean Shortbread Decorated With Royal Icing!

Image source: yk28chan

#28 To Live Amongst The Animals Of The Forest

Image source: Whatabouttheteachers

#29 Look At This Apron My Aunt Made Me

Image source: matildeds

#30 How’d I Do? I Made It From A Thrifted Tablecloth

Image source: BoomersTurnedMeGay

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