20 Cool And Beautiful Designs That Might Inspire You To Move Towards Maximalism

Published 1 year ago

Although minimal aesthetics are in trend these days, some people just don’t like the “less is more” concept. Many folks think that a minimalist interior doesn’t give enough homey vibes. So, they prefer the idea of “The more the merrier”. To each, their own!

Turns out, there is a Facebook group entirely dedicated to maximalist designs. We’ve collected some of those over-the-top but brilliant designs from this online group. Check out the best ones in the gallery below.

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Image source: Adam Sattley

“The living room is coming together.”


Image source: Mary Mildred

“My newly remodeled laundry room. I painted the washer and dryer.”


Image source: Whitney Richard

“Thank you to whoever painted their wall like this before I did!! It’s such a fun idea!! Here’s my dining room.”


Image source: Maryanne Boynton

“I think I got a great deal on these 4 beautiful dining chairs today from an estate sale.they weigh a ton, really well made and in mint condition. Only paid 100.00 for all 4 and the best part is, they match our other pieces of furniture.”


Image source: Gilda Houck-Markovits

“I just painted my walls and I am totes feelin it! I hope you like it, too.”


Image source: Crystallynn Price

“My favorite spot to read.”


Image source: Natasha Nicolaou

“Having a little bit of a sad day and I was hoping I could share with the group and get a little love for my room as I take it apart and leave it for the last time!
This is a room from my photo and film studio outside of Boston that Ive let my maximalist side go wild with. I’ve rented it out for boudoir shoots, music videos, fashion and branding shoots, and there was even a documentary and two short films made here. I call it “The Rose Room” and the painting, mantle, and green velvet sofas are all in honor of my grandmother, who had similar items and was a true maximalist baddie.
My studio building was purchased by developers and soon will be turned into apartments so I am
being pushed oyt. Today and I am packing it all up and saying goodbye to this Rose Room for the last time.”


Image source: Nick Saidno

“Home office”


Image source: Jordan Wilson

“This is Dolly…. I’m in Nashville so everyone seems to love the country cowhide vibe… but I’d love to branch out into more artsy pieces. Anyone else in here refurbish??”


Image source: David Stephenson

“I bought this 1960s house a couple years ago, it had been abandoned by hoarders who left it full of trash. Nearly everything I furnished it with was thrifted with the exception of the occasional estate sale or Facebook marketplace find.
I’m an antique dealer and collector of all things retro and vintage so I’m always acquiring new items that keep things changing as new pieces come and go. I love to play with colors so all lights are smart bulbs so I can change up the color scheme.
I don’t have a large amount of before photos but I’ve included some of those at the end to show how the house started versus some of the transformation that has taken place over the past couple years.”


Image source: Wendy Nargiz

“Found this little gem yesterday! It’s comfy and you can dry your perm!!”


Image source: Nicole Holt Spencer

“Someone posted this bathroom makeover and I love it.”


Image source: Cherry Black

“Got the perfect rug today…”


Image source: Megs Kate

“One of my favourite rooms in my house.
We don’t really sit in the dining room anymore since it’s just two of us and our cats have a safe space behind the table and chairs that the dog can’t get to so we use that space to have their food and water and their toys
It’s also the sunniest spot in the house and where all of our plants thrive!
We are wanting to paint the teal wall as we have had it like that for a few years and I personally hate teal although it looks great on this wall.”


Image source: Kim Matthews

“Still have a lot of detail work to do, the trim, the new front door, the rest of living space…”


Image source: Anik M K Marion

“Guyyyssss I found them!!!!!! 100$ on FB marketplace. I’m so happy I’m crying! I’M IN LOVE.”


Image source: Jennifer Santmyer

“My poor husband can’t build enough built-ins to keep up with my “stuff””


Image source: Steph Meyer

“My cow bathroom. It’s my favorite room in the house.”


Image source: Emmą Mąřtin

“Just wanted to share our kitchen just because it’s awesome.”


Image source: Aleah Sparks

“I always want to display family pictures but don’t like the generic tile frames. Finally found a good solution.”

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