30 Oddly Terrifying Things That Might Disturb You For A While

Published 1 year ago

If you’re someone who seeks thrills and enjoys the peculiar stuff, then brace yourself for a journey into the realm of fear. The online group known as “Oddly Terrifying” has been captivating and chilling users for years with their collection of weird and terrifying photos.

Their posts can send shivers down your spine and leave you questioning the boundaries of your own fears. So, scroll below at your own risk. And if these images fail to satiate your thirst for bizarre and disturbing things, check out our previous articles here, here, and here.

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#1 When A Kangaroo Feels Threatened, It’ll Submerge Itself Chest Deep In Body Of Water To Lure In The Threat, Then It Will Ferociously Drown It By Holding Its Head Underwater And Biting It Until They’re No Longer Putting Up A Fight

Image source: TheLikeGuys3

#2 The “Snow” In The Wizard Of Oz Movie Was 100% Pure Asbestos

Image source: Vavrin33

#3 A Friend’s Printer Broke, Here’s The Result Of Him Printing Off A Picture Of Nicolas Cage

Image source: Nintendophile79

#4 A Month Ago I Became Friends With A Crow. Today He Brought Me The Skull Of Another Crow

Image source: the_shitpost_machine

#5 Perhaps The Most-Terrifying Space Photograph To Date. Astronaut Bruce Mccandless II Floats Completely Untethered, Away From The Safety Of The Space Shuttle, With Nothing But His Manned Maneuvering Unit Keeping Him Alive. The First Person In History To Do So. Credit: Nasa

Image source: rosseepoo

#6 I Don’t Know About You, But This Feels Weird

Image source: thiccmlgnoscope

#7 Graffiti Artists Tagging A Bridge In Mexico

Image source: rockhavenrick

#8 This Foot Two Days After A Rattlesnake Bite

Image source: ajskillz

#9 And Those Are Just The Ones The Tape Caught

Image source: nightshot17410

#10 This Ad From 1996 Was Prophetic

Image source: ahivarn

#11 Staying At My Grandmother’s House For A Bit, Opened Up The Toilet And Was Greeted By This

Image source: outragusreee

#12 Nope It’s Not A Skull It’s A Fly Infected By Cordyceps Fungus

Image source: tausif-sahat

#13 Hi There

Image source: GoldenChinchilla

#14 Chicago Metra Up-N Track, Carries 34,000 Passengers On 70 Trains Across This Bridge Every Day

Image source: split6661

#15 Civilians Taking Care Of Zoo Animals In Their Own Homes During WWII

Image source: mayzzang11

#16 My Friend Is A Bus Driver In Portland, Or And Sent Me This

Image source: colereadsreddit

#17 Kidney Stone Surface As Seen In An Electron Microscope

Image source: just_minutes_ago

#18 Apoica Wasp Nest

Image source: GoldenChinchilla

#19 This Dark Obelisk In The Desert

Image source: PossibilityPowerful

#20 Bodies Are Probably Infected. That’s My Guess

Image source: Used-fridge

#21 An Octopus With 32 Tentacles Found Off The Coasts Of South Korea

Image source: GoldenChinchilla

#22 The Human Eye

Image source: gtasean

#23 Michael Jackson’s Bedroom When He Died Had Target Ads Of Babies He Didn’t Know

Image source: skyrimlo

#24 Robe And Axe Of Giovanni Battista Bugatti, Who Was The Official Executioner For The Papal States From 1796 To 1864. During His Tenure He Executed 514 People

Image source: Ze-skywalker

#25 The Skull Of Mary Magdalene In St Maximin Basilica In France

Image source: Brainsuxx

#26 Baby Mute

Image source: essog

#27 Signature Evolution In Alzheimer’s Disease

Image source: themnd

#28 Thought I Heard A Noise Coming From Outside My Window A Few Nights Ago But Brushed It Off. Noticed This This Morning

Image source: StrangeElk

#29 Just Imagine What They’d Do To You

Image source: LightsOn-NobodyHome5

#30 Climber’s Shelter At The Middle Of A Cliff

Image source: musicman5013

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