20 Spine-Chilling Things That People Caught On Doorbell Cameras

Published 2 years ago

Ring doorbell cameras have become a popular device to monitor suspicious activity outside your door. However, many people are still not comfortable with the idea of their neighbors using doorbell cameras as it might breach their privacy in some way.

Whatever the legal battles and controversies regarding doorbell cameras are, we are not going to discuss them today. We would rather see the creepiest things caught on these cameras. Someone asked on Reddit about the creepiest thing people with ring doorbells have caught on it, and soon the thread was filled with mild to extremely creepy stories. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: gabluvshimself

“A full grown man had a gun and shot someone, dont know if he missed or not, all I knew was I was scared.”


Image source: beerman_uk

“I bought my ring when they weren’t available in the UK. I imported it from America. Next door got broken into and the guy doing it was clearly looking at my doorbell wondering if it was indeed a camera or just some fancy new doorbell. I recorded him using their doorbell with his t shirt over his finger (to stop his prints) and him breaking in by kicking through the bottom panels of the door. I showed the video to the police and they said aha yep we know him. I also caught him smoking a cigarette, throwing it on the ground and leaving that sweet DNA on the butt. police picked him up, used the cigarette and my videos as evidence and charged him. He got 3 years at her majesty’s pleasure.”


Image source: Krizked

“I have a camera doorbell. Not a ring. The creepiest thing I ever saw was the night I had two cops come to my door. They stood outside the door talking to eachother about if I was home or not and who would r*pe me first.

I was at home at the time. My dog alerted me by whining at the door, and I checked the DB cam. I listened to them talking for about 10 seconds before I called 911. The operator told me they didn’t have cops in my area and to stay away from the door, put at least one more locked door between me and them and to stay on the line and quiet until the real cops could get there.

I live around the block from the fire department so it was less than 2 minutes later when a fire tuck pulled up and the two fake cops ran off.”


Image source: Raging-ball-of-fury

“My little brother is a sleepwalker, this one time he snuck out of the house (while still asleep). My sister said she heard someone talking just outside the door, went to look and saw my brother sat on the porch couch apparently having a conversation with my grandpa. She says he was telling my grandpa “I love you” and “I’m going to miss you.”

My dad got him back inside the house without waking him up and nobody gave much thought into what just had happened until a couple hours later when my uncle called telling us my grandpa had passed away while asleep. My little brother says he doesn’t remember anything but we got it on video, we can’t hear what he’s saying too clearly but he was definitely talking to someone and he sure as heck said “I’m going to miss you” at least twice.”


Image source: mxmnull

“6 people standing about 10 feet from my door and just staring at my house this past September.

They were there muttering to each other for almost 20 minutes before going to the next house on the row and muttering there too. My girlfriend thinks they were the HOA, but I don’t totally believe that.”


Image source: GingerLibrarian76

“It’s not actually a Ring doorbell (just a security cam), but we caught this mountain lion casing my car late one night.”


Image source: misspoopyloopy

“At 5ish in the morning, sun was just starting to come up and it’s the middle of winter. My husband half asleep answers the doorbell on his phone in bed next to me. It’s a toddler wearing nothing but a pj top and underwear. Husband says “hello?” Toddler says “can (my son’s name) come out to play?” Husband still half asleep says “not right now maybe later” About 3 mins later husband suddenly sits up as the reality of the situation dawn’s on him and he rushes out of the house to track down a wandering toddler walking barefoot in the streets in freezing weather. Turns out my son’s toddler friend from daycare who’s been to our house once for a playdate just walked straight out his front door undetected and memorized the route to our house. For me it was the possibility of his little journey ending very differently than it did in a number of terrifying scenarios that still haunts me.”


Image source: lookssharp

“Not super creepy, but there is a guy that pets my plants sometimes.”


Image source: NotVeryAccurateTbh

“Not really creepy but there’s a serial gnomer in my neighborhood being caught on doorbell cameras. She’s dropping off gnomes on the unsuspected and walks away.”


Image source: RockyBass

“Not a ring cam, just a porch cam. The creepiest thing I’ve seen? Racoons…. like 12 of them lined up on my porch staring at my front door for what seemed like a really long time…”


Image source: woodchuck125

“A chemical plant blew up a few miles from my house and you could hear the a distant explosion and see an orange glow on mine.”


Image source: KayTheMadScientist

“My mom saw a guy wandering around her yard with a baseball bat in hand late at night. Her, my brother, and our Great Dane went out to ask him what the f*ck he thought he was doing. Guy immediately ran off. Used to think security cameras at home were weird. Now I know they can give you a head start in case someone shady is about.”


Image source: bairose

“Not a ring doorbell, but a small camera in my bedroom window. I caught a man watching me through the window in real time. My phone alerted me that there was movement outside my window, so I opened the live stream and watched the man watch me.”


Image source: Same_Lack_1775

“My wife’s ex-husband in our backyard looking in the windows.”


Image source: amoeba2020

“Honda Civic riding back and forth slowly around our neighborhood playing ice cream truck music loudly. Hoping it was a stupid prank and not something more sinister.”


Image source: 3sheetz

“Not too creepy, but there was a man in my area for a time that would wear a jumpsuit and a TV on his head and he would randomly leave old TVs and monitors on people’s porches. Dude hit up like 50 homes. Never caught.”


Image source: WungusDigester

“Dude crouching behind my car while me and my mom got out, crept up right behind it and we didn’t even notice, his face was covered, didn’t see until a day or two later watching random clips.”


Image source: nerevisigoth

“The power line across the street burst into flames for a moment. Not a transformer, but the cable itself. Maybe it’s not that unusual but I’ve never seen anything like it.”


Image source: bucket_of_salt

“I watched a delivery driver get knuckle-deep in their own nose and then plant a gangly looking booger on one of our columns. That was the funniest.

The creepiest? Our neighborhood is a common target for porch pirates. Our neighbors got a bunch stolen off their porch a few years ago and we all put up cameras after that. You’d think porch pirates would recognize that many houses have cameras now, but you don’t get to porch pirate status by being an intelligent person. I moved some cardboard boxes outside, intending to load them in the truck and take them to the town dump. I got busy and forgot I set them out on the steps. It got late. A porch pirate came along and picked up the main box that the rest were crushed into, thinking it was some expensive package. We were unaware anything was going on until the dogs went nuts, meaning someone was at the front door. I went out, took a quick peek, nothing. The dogs went nuts again a few minutes later. This time I went back outside armed (wouldn’t be the first time I needed it). As I approached the front door, something ran across our front yard and through both sets of gardens. I then heard some crapbox rev up and putter-fart away. I checked security cam footage and witnessed that lowlife cram himself into the largest cardboard box to hide when I approached the door the first time.

It’s cool though. I left some presents for the porch pirates last year and they haven’t been back since. Package up about 10lbs of dog crap, old chicken broth (bonus if you let some chicken go rancid and toss that in too) and silver nitrate in a large ziplock bag. Glue it upside down in a cardboard box so that the flaps contact the bottom. Glue the bottom of the bag against the flaps of the box. When someone opens the box, it tears the seal open and makes one hell of a mess that they will never be able to clean up.”


Image source: CarsonSimpson

“Whats most scary is my ring doorbell went of several times in the middle of the night for no reason… I changed the setting to video only wake, instead of audio/video. It went on for about a month.”

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