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Crystal Geodes Appearing In Urban Decay Symbolize The Struggle Of Nature And Industry

Published 8 years ago

Usually, crystals growing on a building would mean that something has gone seriously wrong. However, Paige Smith’s urban geodes are a sign of only one thing: art! Instead of being accumulations of possibly dangerous materials, these geodes are made from paper and spray-paint or cast resin. Paige inserts them into cracks in buildings, open pipes – anywhere they’ll fit. It looks as if the city is collapsing, and reality is collapsing with it. The solid fabric of reality shatters and breaks, revealing clusters of fantastic, sharp geodes.

However, Paige’s idea is a lot more benevolent. For her, the geodes are symbol of the tension between nature and industry, and celebrate the beauty of urban areas. They are meant to encourage people to discover and wonder. As she writes on her website, “these installations are like hidden gems sprinkled across the world that invite us to actually look, to be playful and discover and to participate in a glorious and global treasure hunt.” Yes, the geodes have spread into cities other than LA – there’s even a map! This also means that other people can join the project and have it featured on her website.

So get some resin and jam it into some crumbling corner!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (ht: colossal)

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And here’s how you can make a geode of your own:

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