15 Wholesome Comics From The “Cuddle Bats” Series

Published 7 months ago

Cuddly Bats is a comic series featuring the adorable bat couple Luna and Shadow. The sweet illustrations depict this cute duo having movie nights with pizza, cuddling and many other scenarios from their life. 

The artist’s goal is to spread happiness and charm through their images and they’ve created a whole book dedicated to the attempt from which we’ve shared a select few panels in the gallery below. 

More info: cuddlybats.com | Facebook | twitter.com | Instagram

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#1 What?

kitten levels tokyo: “And the penny drops…”

#2 It’s Easy

kitten levels tokyo:Incompetence always finds a way.”

#3 I Win

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda: “Love level up!”

#4 Halloween Shopping


#5 He Said It Again

UnimportantDog/Imp (she/her): “Hehe they’re so cuteeeeeee”

#6 Huggy First

glowworm2: “Yes. Little guy got his hug.”

#7 Heart Shower

LizzieBoredom:A Heart Attack.”

#8 What’s This?

#9 Photo Filter

LizzieBoredom (edited): “Grumpy Bunny – Bad Bunny’s less successful brother.”

#10 Under Control

Danish Susanne:Oh so they are fruitbats!”

#11 Read My Mind

#12 Autumn

#15 Witchcraft

glowworm2cute pun!

#16 Couple Bonding Activities

#17 Boo Boo

kitten levels tokyo: “Deceptive Bats”

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