Breathtaking Drone Footage Of Whales Deciding What To Do With A Tiny Human

Published 9 years ago

Drones let you take your camera to the skies where, if you’re lucky, you can take some amazing footage of whales curiously inspecting a paddleboarder. This is what happened to Australian Jaimen Hudson, who was filming his friend off the coast of Esperance in Western Australia. Two southern right whales met his friend, Dave Price, who was out on his paddle board.

Jaimen Hudson became quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident, but can control his drone with his thumbs and shoulder movements. “It just so happened that he was out at the time, and a few people let me know there were whales on the beach and it all just went from there,” Hudson said in an online interview. “They were really curious and came over to meet [Dave]… Just very inquisitive about him, I don’t think it was really that dangerous at all.”

If you want to see more of blue sea caught on cam, click here.

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