This Artist Recreated A Famous Classical Painting Every Day For 53 Days

Published 4 years ago

Liza Yukhnyova is a Saint Petersburg-based art lover who accepted the #GettyChallenge at the beginning of the quarantine and has been recreating famous classical paintings daily since! Initially, the woman only planned to continue the challenge for 30 days but she is currently on day 142 and it doesn’t look like she plans on stopping anytime soon.

Liza recreates the paintings using only the objects she has at home, does all of her makeup herself, and prides herself in not using any editing apps to alter the images. During these months of quarantine, she recreated numerous paintings of famous artists, ranging from Da Vinci to Ilya Repin – check out some of Liza’s amazing art recreations in the gallery below! And if you want to see more art recreations, check out our previous post here!

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#1 Ilya Repin “Princess Sofia Alekseyevna” (1879)

#2 Tamara De Lempicka “Pink Tunic” (1927)

#3 Remzi Taşkıran “Portrait Of A Girl” (1961)

#4 René Gruau “Illustration For Dior” (~1950)

#5 John Collier “Priestess Of Delphi” (1891)

#6 John William Waterhouse “Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May” (1908)

#7 Tito Conti “An Italian Beauty” (~1880)

#8 John William Godward “His Birthday Gift” (1889)

#9 Konstantin Makovsky “Portrait Of Countess Yusupova In The Russian Costume” (1900)

#10 Caravaggio “Judith Beheading Holofernes” (1599)

#11 Abram Arhipov “Woman In A Green Dress” (~1900)

#12 John Everett Millais “Sophie Gray” (1857)

#13 Giovanni Boldini “Portrait Of Lina Cavalieri” (1901)

#14 Theodoros Rallis “Odalisque” (~1900)

#15 Vladimir Makovsky “Tete-A-Tete” (1909)

#16 Khariton Platonovich Platonov “Portrait Of A Woman” (1903)

#17 Jean-Francois Portaels “The Necklace” (~1850)

#18 Frederick Arthur Bridgman “Woman Of Algiers” (~1900)

#19 Paul Cesar Helleu “Portrait Of Lady With A Fan” (~1900)

#20 Hermann Winterhalter “Portrait Of Clémentine De Boubers, Baronne Renouard De Bussierre” (1854)

#21 Tiziano Vecelli “Woman With A Mirror” (~1515)

#22 Jean-Marc Nattier “Madame Victoire De France” (1748)

#23 Karl Bryullov “The Last Day Of Pompeii” (1830-33)

#24 Leonardo Da Vinci “La Belle Ferronnière” (1490)

#25 Bartolomé Esteban Murillo “Two Women At A Window” (1655-60)

#26 Giorgione “Judith” (1504)

#27 William Etty “The Seamstress” (~1820)

#28 Vasily Ivanovich Surikov “Portrait Of NF Matveeva” (1909)

#29 Anders Zorn “Frieda Schiff, Later Mrs. Felix M. Warburg” (1894)

#30 Charles Landelle “Judith” (1870)

#31 John Singer Sargent “Lady Agnew Of Lochnaw” (1892)

#32 Frederick Leighton “Nausicaa” (1878)

#33 Giuseppe Maria Crespi “Woman Looking For Fleas” (~1710)

#34 Franz Xaver Winterhalter “The Princess Victoria, Princess Royal As Crown Princess Of Prussia” (1867)

#35 Eleanor M. Ross “Edith Cavell” (1917)

#36 Henry Inman “Hayne Hujihini, Eagle Of Delight” (1832-33)

#37 Raja Ravi Varma “The Maharani Of Travancore” (1887)

#38 Ilya Repin “Leisure” (1882)

#39 Jan Frederik Pieter Portielje “Spanish Beauty” (1880)

#40 Filipp Malyavin “Peasant With Red Scarf” (1905)

#41 John Collier “Portrait Of A Lady In Oriental Costume” (~ 1900)

#42 Aykut Aydogdu “Next Chapter”

#43 Ivan Argunov “Peasant Woman In Russian Costume” (1784)

#44 Alexander Nikolaevich Samokhvalov “Portrait Of A Woman” (1960s)

#45 Edwin Long “A Votary Of Isis” (1891)

#46 Alexey Venetsianov “Girl In A Scarf” (~1820)

#47 Orest Adamovich Kiprensky “Poor Lisa” (1827)

#48 Elizabeth Sonrell “Cordelia” (~1901)

#49 Anders Zorn “Burden” (1886)

#50 Viktor Vasnetsov “Alenushka” (1881)

#51 Ali Nemah “Resident Of Baghdad”

#52 Charles François Prosper Guérin “Girl Reading A Book” (1906)

#53 Peter Paul Rubens “Rubens’s Daughter Clara Serena” (1623)

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