Artist Illustrates Some Of The Strangest Things Spotted Through A Window

Published 8 years ago

Its human nature to steal a glance when we see an open blind and sometimes what we see can be more than just a little strange! British window dressing company English Blinds commissioned artist Paul Blow to illustrate 6 of the most bizarre things their customers had seen through a window, the results were amazing…

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

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“An old lady eating dinner at the table along with all her cats, also eating dinner at the table”

“An eccentric man eating breakfast with an owl on his head.”

“A lady weighing her boob on a set of kitchen scales.”

“A woman in leather walking her latex clad ‘man dog’!”

“A Justin Bieber obsessed neighbour sitting on her sofa with a life-size cut-out of him”

“A rogue postmen”


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