Decaying, Melting And Otherwise Disintegrating Sculptures By Valerie Hegarty

Published 10 years ago

American artist Valerie Hegarty celebrates art by showing us what would happen to the art pieces if we neglected them. The artist makes canvases and antiques look burnt, melted, ripped, cracked, pricked, or otherwise damaged and destroyed by harsh natural conditions or other living beings.

I had taken paintings and sculptures from Art History and broken them down so that they looked as if they’d been through a natural disaster – so that there was even more historical information dumped on the historical painting,” said Hegarty.

Check out her alternative perspective on art and the true place of art in the course of natural history.

Source: (via: hifructose)

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Headless George Washington with Table

Sinking Ship

Watermelon Tongue

Exploding Peaches

First Harvest in the Wilderness with Woodpecker

Melted Captain

Season’s End

Still Life with Watermelon, Peaches and Crows

Niagara Falls

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