20 Incredible Room Transformations From The ‘Design My Room’ Online Community

Published 1 year ago

Design fans have come together and used the internet to do the most wonderful thing. The subreddit, ‘Design My Room’, is a simple concept where a person uploads a picture/s of their room to the community with details of measurements etc., and folks suggest redesign ideas. 

If there’s additional information or limitations you want to share, for example, budget or style requirements (e.g. minimalist) folks are receptive to everything so you can get a more personalised design. What’s even more fabulous is that the OP’s usually take the advice and renovate accordingly. They even upload photos of the before and after so we can all relish the satisfaction of a space elevated to its highest potential. Scroll below to check out some of the most amazing makeovers spotted in the thread. 

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#1 Adding Built Ins To Our Big Bare Living Room Made A Huge Difference

Image source: whoreadsthisshitanyw

#2 What A Difference A Color Makes

Image source: Tough_Mind_8801

#3 Just Want To Thank This Sub For Helping Me Find Some Direction For My Now Dark And Moody Dining Room!

Image source: habgurz

#4 Before And After

Image source: jonnyvegas888

#5 Update: Asked A Couple Months Ago About What To Do With A Huge Wall In My Loft Apartment. Ended Up Going With A Gallery Wall, Plus Random Barrel

Image source: littlerunky

#6 Before And After Of Our Baby Girls Nursery! We Do Not Miss The Yellow

Image source: Oursoulfulhome

#7 Before And After (Blue). Thanks To Your Input We Painted, Moved The Rug Out, And Moved The Round Chair To A Less Prominent Location

Image source: ceciliastar

#8 Thanks For The Help!

Image source: MisterRath

#9 Final Sunroom Update

Image source: lucybluth

#10 Before/After. Thank You For The Rug Suggestion

Image source: lovemonstera

#11 Before And After Thanks To You Guys. Still Working On It Though

Image source: mb1r

#12 Before And After Of My College Apartment. Thanks For All Of The Advice!

Image source: Tru-N-False

#13 Before/After I Moved In My Husband’s Apartment

Image source: coshik

#14 I Posted A Few Months Back Asking For Advice On Paint Colors, I Just Wanted To Share The Results And Say Thanks For Everyone’s Suggestions! I Don’t Miss The Grey At All

Image source: Barbaricballoon

#15 I’m The Guy That Asked About A Wall, Then Painted The Wall. Now I’ve Taken Your Advice. Here’s The (Mostly) Final Form

Image source: swmill08

#16 Why Would Anyone Paint These Is Beyond Me

Image source: jonsnow0276

#17 Before And After. I Think It’s Been A Fairly Simple Solution But It Works So Wonderfully Well

Image source: DeniseDuff

#18 This Is What I Have So Far. It’s Definitely Still A Work In Progress But I Wouldn‘T Have Been Able To Do It Without This Subs Help

Image source: Jayleanxx

#19 My Depressing Bathroom Is Less Depressing!

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Final Update! I Used Your Advice To Re-Decorate My Dining Room! More Pictures Linked In The Comments

Image source: raeaction

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