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Photographer Documents Different Subcultures For 10 Years: Iran’s Freedom Activists, Exorcism In Ethiopia, Satan Community And More

Published 4 years ago

Talented Czech photographer David Tesinsky invites you to take a look at different subcultures around the world. “I’m always in search for somehow controversial, unique, special lifestyles and I’m capturing bright moments and also problematics of nowadays,” writes the 27-year-old artist.

Whether documenting freedom movement in Iran, exorcism rituals in Ethiopia, the transgender scene in Brazil, or junkies in Prague, Tesinsky never fails to capture the authenticity of the people on camera. “To me, photography can be the cure for the people which can heal people through seeing other people’s stories captured in a specific way. It’s a great motivation for me to capture such moments which makes people realize things or just be simply enriched by knowing and seeing that.”

Today the man travels the world in search for a great story and a great shot. Sometimes this takes him to slums in countries like India, other times it’s crashing on someone’s couch via Couchsurfing. In Japan, he slept on the benches in the park, while in his hometown Prague, Tesinsky spent time with drug addicts – anything it takes to make a perfect picture.

More info: facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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#7 Reflect Your Life. Havana, Cuba

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